Difference Between Aerogarden Harvest and Harvest Elite

Aerogarden - How To Build Your Own Aerogarden (Step-by-Step Guide)

Many people are attracted to the notion of outdoor gardening due to its attractive appearance and numerous advantages.

Conversely, there are those people who would rather not be bothered with going outside and tilling the ground, watering it and planting. They also don’t want to be bothered with other seemingly unpleasant chores.

As a consequence, because indoor gardening is said to be less stressful, many people enjoy it.

You might want to investigate Aerogarden Harvest indoor garden systems if you want to have fresh lettuce all of the time without having to leave your home.

Aerogarden is well-known nowadays for its indoor gardening technology. Their devices look similar to fish tanks and fit nicely in a small space on a countertop in the house.

The difference between Aerogarden Harvest and Aerogrden Harvest Elite devices for indoor gardening is:

Aerogarden Harvest: A countertop appliance that allows you to cultivate various plants, in your own house, with minimal effort. Great for first-time gardeners, it’s efficient, has few pests and provides plants all year round, but it can be costly and is quite noisy.

Aerogarden Harvest Elite: Is more expensive but has more features. It operates silently. Its pods are more expensive, as are its light bulbs, but it has a higher production rate and a quicker harvest. You can use nutrients, and it’s generally more enjoyable to use.

Both models have bright lights, and neither lend themselves to places of sleep or rest.

The creation of indoor gardening systems has enhanced the delight of green enthusiasts. This is because your garden may now thrive all year without you being concerned about seasons, etc.

Do you want to know the difference between the Aerogarden Harvest and the Aerogarden Harvest Elite?

The Elite is the new and improved version that was just released, but are the upgrades necessary? Will they be sufficient to persuade you to switch to a different model?

1. What Is An Aerogarden?

An Aerogarden is a countertop appliance that allows you to cultivate a variety of plants in your own house with minimal effort. It works with computerized efficiency, and plants are produced from seed pods that fit into the device’s top.

The plants are cultivated beneath LED grow lights. The Aerogarden automatically provides water and nutrients to the plants without the need for user interaction.

Aerogarden’s grow light features an automated timer. It ensures that the plants receive the correct quantity of light each day. When it is time to add fertilizers or water to the machine, the Aerogarden will notify you.

The Aerogarden will take care of the rest of the plant growth and maintenance, precisely providing the correct quantity of water and nutrients to the plants for the fastest and healthiest development.

This means you may produce a large number of your favorite herbs, salad greens, veggies, and more, all in a small space that you can put any place in your house. You may harvest the plants whenever you want to eat the freshest possible food.

Whether you have a green or a black thumb, Aerogarden is for you. Perhaps you want to make your thumb green, and it can be – with the expert help of an Aerogarden.

An Aerogarden is the most effective solution for all types of gardening problems. However, you want to be sure you choose the proper one because there are plenty on the market.

When comparing the Aerogarden Harvest with the Harvest Elite, we must consider their advantages and disadvantages.

2. The Aerogarden Harvest Features

The Aerogarden Harvest is a black plastic structure with a sturdy finish. It usually comes with six herb seeds. But you may grow whatever you like as long as you follow the instructions and keep the plants close together.

3. The Pros of the Aerogarden

Excellent for First-Time Gardeners

This type is easy to operate and comes with an automated control panel. It’s equipped with cutting-edge technology that takes care of everything for you, including turning on and off the lights. As a result, it Is ideal for novices.

Seed Pods Have Been Improved

This model includes six pods that can expand five times faster than prior versions.


It is difficult to deny the efficacy of this strategy. It may be stored on a kitchen counter because it is small enough. It takes minimal cleaning and maintenance, and both variants consume a negligible amount of power and water.

Pests are Reduced

The use of a hydroponic technique of growing plants rather than soil reduces the danger of insect infestation.

The System’s Control

Everything is within your control with the Aerogarden Harvest. The success of the plants is determined by the growth circumstances, which are entirely within your control

4. The Cons of the Aerogarden Harvest

A Higher Price

The Aerogarden Harvest is a better model, but it comes at a higher price. Because it has improved functionality, systems, and grow lights, it is more expensive.

Seed Pods are Costly

Seed pods are included with the package, but once you’ve used them all, you’ll need to purchase more. The cost might rapidly mount up, but you will save money on groceries.


According to reviewers, the pump on the Aerogarden Harvest, creates a noise comparable to that of a fish tank but louder. You might not notice it after a while because it has been running for so long, but the sound can be an issue for guests.

5. The Aerogarden Harvest Elite Features

Although the Aerogarden Harvest is a throwback, the Aerogarden Harvest Elite is an upgraded version with a long list of fans. The build and look of the ordinary Harvest model and the Elite variant are the most noticeable differences.

6. The Pros of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Just Enough Water in a Small Space

All harvest family models have the Aerogarden harvest setup, which allows for rapid water delivery even to fully developed plants.

Users, on the other hand, are afraid that when the plants grow larger. The available water space may be insufficient. So, how does this model approach this problem?

Although it has a smaller area than the other models, the front of Elite models quickly pulls up for you to provide water. Aerogarden is working to address this, but that does not imply the plants will suffer.

Since positive feedback on water efficiency has been received, there is sufficient water for the plants to thrive.

Completely Silent Function

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite operates quietly, which pleases everyone who has purchased the indoor gardening device. When compared to other older versions, it works at a near-mute level.

The solid countertop on which this model is constructed causes the unpleasant sounds present in prior models. The lightweight equipment utilized in the production of elite models contributes to their silence.

Higher Production Rate and Quicker Harvest

Aerogarden Harvest Elite offers an increased germination and growth rate, according to more than half of its consumers. They attested to a performance level of over 90% in pod growth, demonstrating the superiority of the Elite model!

Fewer Variations in Pod

One of the most common customer concerns is the lack of variety in the pods. Since the originals only come in three basil-herb packages. Many customers suggested that the producers give a more extensive selection of basil pods in their evaluations.

However, because fresh pods are reasonably priced, you can replace the ones you do not like. However, to maintain plant consistency and avoid incorrect planting, buy from the same suppliers. This list of the top Aerogarden goods might assist you.

Nutrients Approved

The fact that the nutrients in the package come in little cans is a significant drawback, but you should not be concerned.

Because the smaller bottles are enough for a season, you may ask for a larger can of the recommended nutrients just in case. If you harvest the plants, make sure you have adequate nutrients for the following seasons.

Enjoyable to Use

Observing your plants develop from germination through harvest gives you, of course, a great deal of enjoyment. Both adults and children may use this machine because of its operating simplicity.

Children who enjoy gardening may learn a lot from this device by watching the plant stages.

7. The Cons of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Light Bulb Prices are Expensive

The instructions state that the two light bulbs should be replaced every six months. Those bulbs are not cheap, and you’ll get the best bargain at Amazon. However, the cost is more than that of other LED lights.

Expensive Water

You must use a different sort of water, believe it or not. If the tap water is too salty, you must purchase water from a shop.

Seed Kits Are Expensive

Of course, the Harvest Elite includes costly seed kits. The cost of seed pods varies from one website to the next. The price and quality of service vary depending on where you buy, but it will cost you more than ordinary seeds.

Extremely bright lights

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have an Aerogarden, don’t place somewhere where you like to relax and unwind. The reason for this is that its lights are bright. They utilize light grow bulbs that are bright enough to wake you up. As a result, keep them out of sleeping or restful places.

Final Thoughts

Do you need to justify the Aerogarden Harvest Elite’s bigger price? There are additional expenditures, such as grow bulbs and seed posts, regardless of the model you choose.

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite is for you if you want a quieter model with a more extensive selection of seeds and a better control panel than the original model. It is also more energy-efficient than the original model. Also, it is silent.

The Aerogarden Harvest will be ideal for you if you want to grow your plants indoors without all the extras. Keep in mind that it has a louder pump that you may find annoying.

Both of these models will allow you to produce a lot of food in the comfort of your own home!

Whichever you choose, you will enjoy owning and using one of these models of excellent production and harvesting of indoor gardening. Just remember to have fun with it!

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