About Us

Green Garden Tribe

We support a community of gardeners. If you are passionate about gardening, Green Garden Tribe is here for you. Your skill level is not material, it’s the passion that counts as far as we are concerned.

On our pages, we constantly bring in new perspectives mixed in with solid, practical advice about different types of plants, soil mixtures and gardening techniques. Our articles are written by a network of seasoned pros or other passionate writers with green thumbs.

Our editor, Patricia Godwin, owned and ran a landscaping and gardening service for many years. Many of the products and techniques we discuss on this site have already been tested out by her.

Whether you are an amateur with a passion for home gardens or looking to grow plants in a more professional setting, the Green Garden Tribe community will be your enthusiastic supporter and friend.

We discuss a gamut of gardening techniques and solutions, from the more traditional tools to modern variations such as aquaponics. Whatever your constraints, whether you live in an arid or cold climate, whether you garden outdoors or indoors, we can help.

Enthusiastic gardeners can overcome any situation with their own efforts and ideas – we are here to help and nurture your passion.