The Distinction Between Fabricated and Stamped Mower Decks

The Distinction Between Fabricated and Stamped Mower Decks

When you go to get a lawnmower, you may notice that the deck bears a statement indicating whether it is stamped or fabricated. If you don’t know much about lawnmowers, you might be curious about the distinctions between the two.

The Distinction Between Fabricated and Stamped Mower Decks

There is a distinct difference between stamped and fabricated mower decks. The fabricated mower deck is typically built from heavier plate steel and is a welded mower deck. The stamped mower deck generally is lighter, and large moulds and presses form the mower deck shell.

If you’re thinking about buying a lawn mower, you have two choices. The two shouldn’t be confusing because the differences are easy to identify.

All About Stamped Deck Lawn Mowers

The type of deck on a mower indicates how it is made.

The manufacturer made the stamped deck with one piece of steel forging the metal used for the deck.

In this case, it won’t be a hassle for the user because this mower deck is made more straightforward in its construction as it does not require welding or bolts to keep the deck together.

Only one piece of metal is used to make the shape of the mower deck.

Stamped deck mowers are easily spotted in the household and are suitable when homeowners cut their grass once a week. Expect that a stamped deck is more affordable, which is why many buyers prefer to buy one.

Despite the thinner piece of steel, it is still good because it is lighter and produces less danger from grasses. It’s also easier to operate. 

The Pros and Cons of Stamped Deck Lawn Mowers


  • Not expensive
  • Lighter 
  • Tender on grass
  • The airflow is much better
  • Easy to operate


  • Lesser in durability 
  • Its steel is thinner

All About Fabricated Deck Lawn Mower

The one apparent difference between fabricated mowing decks and stamped decks is the piece of steel used in making the mowing deck. The fabricated mowing deck uses more steel than a stamped deck.

Also, its steel is heavier, and the plates are attached to form the deck.

Due to its better rigidity, it is more durable, which is highly recommended when you plan to use a lawn mower more regularly. As expected, its durability in everyday use makes it preferable for commercial purposes, where the need for frequent use is not a problem.

In agricultural applications or construction with large projects, a fabricated deck lawn mower will do the job much better and is more appropriate than a stamped deck.

However, it is pricey, which makes it less saleable for homeowners. It is constructed of thicker and more durable steel, so it qualifies for the demand in commercial applications.

Lawn Mower

The Pros and Cons of Fabricated Deck Mowers


  • It has thicker steel that is attached to it
  • High in durability and much stronger 
  • Rugged 
  • Much recommended for commercial and agricultural applications


  • Pricey

When you are looking for a less expensive lawn mower, the stamped deck is what you are looking for because it costs less than the fabricated mower deck. Expect a stamped deck to be lighter and thinner than a fabricated deck.

When your purpose in buying a lawn mower is to use it at your home rather than for commercial purposes, the stamped deck works great but don’t expect high performance for residential use.

The recommended lawn mower for residential use is a fabricated deck because it is composed of a plate that has a thicker design, so expect that it has less resistant to cracking than stamped deck when used. 

The Use of the Mowing Deck

The mowing deck is found at the side of the lawn mower. It serves as a housing of the blades mowing, and its function is to prevent the cuttings of lawn and debris from shooting all over the place in your mowing.

The size of the mowing deck varies, and its size determines the measurement of the width of the cut. The blades under the deck are composed of between one and three, and you can fabricate or stamp them.

Guide In Identifying the Kind Of Mower Deck You Have

It is easy to know what type of mower you have—there are many ways you can check.

The first thing to do is to check the type of deck you have by looking at the owner’s manual, or if you don’t have the owner’s manual, it is still available to look up online.

Find the parts list when you look through the manual or check it online. In there, you will know the type of mowing deck you have. Also, the packaging of your mower still has information about the kind of deck you have.

Another way to know is by checking what your mower is made of and if it has thinner material and detectable light. But if you can’t compare it because you only have one of the two, you will find it hard to know the kind of mower you have.

Be reminded that a fabricated deck will have connected and welded spots where it has bolts that use to hold it together. While a stamped deck mower only has one sheet of metal that doesn’t have bolts.

If you bought your mower at an affordable price and intended it for home use, you most probably have a stamped deck mower. A stamped mower is sometimes used in commercials, but mostly fabricated decks are used.

A fabricated deck can easily noticed on large agricultural mowers or commercial machines. It is better for the job if you’re looking for a mower that can hold up under everyday use.

Lawnmower on Grass

The Deck Size on a Lawn Mower

You must consider the deck size after knowing the distinction between the stamped deck and constructed deck mowers.

The mower’s deck width determines the deck’s cutting breadth. The distance between the two outside mowing blades is the width of the grass cut by the mower.

It’s essential to remember that just because a mower is 48 inches wide doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will fit through a 48-inch aperture. The width does not refer to the size of the entire machine, only its cutting width.

Along with the discharge chute and anti-scalp rollers, there is additional room on each side.

Using a measuring tape, measure your mower from one side to the other.

If you don’t already own a mower but are thinking about it, get an accurate measurement before you buy so you can be sure it will pass through openings and between trees on your property.

The Better Deck Type

People frequently assume that something must be better if it is more expensive.

Fabricated deck mowers are more costly since they involve more labour and use thicker metal.

They take several various metal plates and weld and bolt them together. They become stronger and more resilient as a result.

Stamped deck mowers, on the other hand, are strong enough to carry out their intended function.

For the vast majority of lawns in homes, they are effective. Most homeowners only cut their grass once a week.

Fabricated deck mowers are built to withstand more abuse and frequent use. Thus they are designed for demanding tasks like those carried out by huge agricultural mowers.

Both types differ in their benefits.

Fabricated decks are more durable, rigid, and tougher.

Stamped deck mowers are more flexible, and their airflow is much better. Also, deck mowers are mostly smaller, which makes them easier to operate –  especially on trees and patios.

Professional lawn mower with worker cutting the grass in a garden
Professional lawn mower with worker cutting the grass in a garden

The Duration of Stamped Deck Mower

It depends on what you will use it for.

If you use it to cut grass at your home, most of the time, it will last long on condition you handle it carefully.

This type of mower deck has thinner metal, making it more open to damage. Careful use is advised.

Remember to straighten the deck when it gets bent.

Cleaning your mower after each usage will help it last longer.

Before storing it, remove any dirt. Additionally, it would help if you cleaned the deck’s bottom, where grass and debris might collect.

After each use, some people clean the entire mower using a leaf blower.

Keep it safe and store it in the garage or a shed.

If you keep it outside, the moisture will cause the metal to corrode over time. To prevent this from happening, keep it in a secure location.

A stamped deck mower will endure longer if you only use it for your yard and take good care of it.

When Is a Fabricated Deck Mower Appropriate to Use?

A stamped deck mower can be used by a homeowner who mows their lawn weekly. However, if your job involves cutting grass more often, you might want to consider a manufactured deck. They can better withstand repeated use since they are tougher and stronger.

Utilise a constructed deck mower if you plan to use your mower for agricultural tasks like baling hay or other significant tasks. The heavy gauge steel and the durability offered by manufactured deck mowers are necessary for industrial jobs.

Some mowers with stamped decks are well-known for being top choices.

To increase affordability when establishing a lawn care service, you can choose a mower with a stamped deck, but be sure to pick one with a strong track record for dependability and longevity.

Are Fabricated Mower Decks Much Better?

Knowing the distinctions between the stamped deck and fabricated mowers makes it simple to point out that fabricated deck mowers appear to perform better in rugged terrain than stamped deck mowers.

According to widespread consensus, these mowers perform better in fields and on agricultural land.

Fabricated mowers are often better for heavy workloads, but it doesn’t necessarily imply they are better for you.

As previously said, constructed mowers are far more resilient and better suited to handle harsher circumstances because they were designed for commercial use.

Commercial lawnmowers are used frequently throughout the week.

Fabricated mowers are more expensive because they are designed for commercial use.

Therefore, choosing a manufactured mower may be overkill if you are searching for a mower that you can use once a week to keep your lawn short.

Alternatively, a constructed mower can be overkill for you if all you want is a mower that will work well for domestic tasks because it is much more expensive.

On rough terrain, stamped deck mowers may not be as strong or resilient as constructed deck mowers, but for everyday household use, they are significantly more cost-effective and durable.

Final Thoughts on The Distinction Between Fabricated and Stamped Mower Decks

To summarise:

Lawn mower decks come in two varieties: stamped decks and manufactured decks.

Either, one sheet of metal is cut and formed to create stamped decks.

Or, multiple metal sheets are welded and fastened together form a manufactured deck. Generally used for industrial mowers employed in construction or agriculture.

So now you understand their distinctly different purposes, we hope you will find the above information helpful to you when making your choice.

The trick is to know what they are purposed for and adhere to that purpose – that and a little common sense maintenance is all you need.

We wish you happy mowing with your chosen mower deck!

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