The Best Way to Edge with a String Trimmer – Explained for Beginners

It is hard to edge with a string trimmer; it takes an extra careful step and process.

The best way to edge with a string trimmer is by revolving the trimmer comfortably to its side. The string should then be spinning away from you, and the shaft should be resting on your shoulder.

This allows an accurate movement of the string with the edges and visual confirmation while working.

Here is the proper sequence of the steps on how to edge with a string trimmer in the best way.

First Things First:

Once you edge with a string trimmer by turning it on its side, you are reducing its built-in capacity to refrain from flying flotsam and jetsam. The weed watch is outlined to be used in an even, not vertical orientation.

For the most part, String Trimmers rotate clockwise but check yours, to begin with, to be beyond any doubt.

Once you are confident of the turn, you will decide the best way to hold your trimmer while edging. Moreover, it’s a good idea to wear security glasses or goggles for protection when doing this.

You can edge with a string trimmer. It takes a few practices runs, and it will never genuinely coordinate the precision of a devoted edge tool, but it can be done.

Take your time, perfect your procedure, and don’t beat yourself up over some destroyed zones while you’re learning. The more you do it, the way better you’ll get at it, which holds true for pretty much anything in life.

Step 1: Pivot the String Trimmer into an Edging Position

Holding the string trimmer in its typical position, turn the shaft until the project is up and you’ve got a clear line of locating to the string.

You may take note that as you turn it, the angle of the trimmer head changes. Our objective is to induce the trimmer head near to 90 degrees with the surface.

It would help if you noted that we do not get a genuine 90-degree point by essentially pivoting the head over. For this to work, we have to raise the back conclusion of the string trimmer. That is where the following step comes in.

Step 2: Shoulder-Mount the Trimmer Shaft to Edge

This could be somewhat deluding since you, by and large, are not resting the trimmer shaft in a safe place. What you are doing is holding the rod in your hand and resting your arm in this upward position near your shoulder. Be careful with gas-engine trimmers. Don’t put the motor near your head, or you’ll be dodging burns.

You need to ensure that you’re holding this correctly. Apparently, it needs to ‘follow your ear’s, and it is it a few inches absent of this position, and things could go wrong; so, be careful of this.

You should note that this position will put the string around the 90-degree point that we are seeking. Whereas the situation may seem ungainly, it is amazingly comfortable. The back-end of the trimmer is practically resting on your hand.

Note: Hearing assurance could be a great thought anytime you’re working with gas-engine yard apparatuses but particularly when holding one this close to your ear.

Step 3: Edge along With Your String Trimmer at a Moderate but Unfaltering Pace

Do not get in a rush while you do this, especially in the beginning when you are learning.

You want to move slowly but deliberately along the edge line, careful to stay on your intended path. If you try to go more quickly, keep an accurate line, because you will have difficulties and create other problems.

Keep in mind, moderate and relentless wins the race.

A String Trimmer or Just Buy an Edger?

It is vital to recognize that the outright best way to urge any project is to have the correct work apparatus.

No instrument will allow you as genuine and straight a cut as an edger when it comes to edging. That being said, it is still conceivable to urge noteworthy comments about employing a string trimmer.

A few components got to consider if you arrange to edge with a string trimmer.

Edge Lines Are Not as Accurate

You ought to be practical in your desires. There is no edge line as clean and unmistakable as the cut from a devoted garden edge tool. I have observed grass care masters utilizing the shoulder-mount edging strategy with string trimmers, and they can get noteworthy results from this.

But there are two primary centers to note: they do this for a living, and as great as those cuts are, it still isn’t as idealized as an edger would be.

What is important here is that you follow your own bliss and keep in mind that you will get better and better at it with time, though it may never reach that precision-groomed scenario that genuine grass edge apparatus gives.

Edge Tools Are A Better Choice Ergonomically

Shoulder-mounting a string trimmer to utilize it as an edger does inflict a certain amount of torment for the back; however, remember that you’re using the instrument in a way for which it was not intended. As a result, it isn’t as ergonomically inviting as fair utilizing a genuine garden edge device.

Edgers are outlined to be worked in that introduction, and so they are, by and large, more comfortable to use for more extended periods.

It is not profoundly prescribed unless you have gotten exceptionally particular circumstances to utilize a corded edger (or trimmer, for that matter). This sort of edger is way as well much of a bother to use.

So, spare yourself from dissatisfaction and go with a battery-powered demonstration if you select to purchase an isolated edge tool. Let’s walk through this handle, and I will illustrate precisely how usually done.

Top 3 String Trimmer in Amazon

1.Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

This item is a gas-free cordless design that disposes of the gas bother, whereas getting the work done in a more comfortable and faster way, simple thrust button start that will not wear your arms out.

Pivoting head permits for edging and trimming capability with edging wheels. 90º turning head with edging wheel for walk behind edging for flexible use Compatible GreenWorks Substitution Spool, model 29252 and 29092 Battery and Charger included (Show 29462). Compatible Battery demonstrates 29472 and charger 29482.

2. PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

It is a 2-in-1 edger and trimmer that effortlessly changes over from a string trimmer to a wheeled edger in fair seconds. It has an instant line nourish that imaginatively thrust button Command Nourish spool framework for moment line feeding.

It also comes with an open-air control and way of life products batteries. 2 effective and lightweight 20V Control Share MaxLithium batteries come with this device and can be utilized on any other instrument within the WORX PowerShare family HEAD TILTS 90°

So, you will be able to trim and edge on the inclined landscape and get to tough-to-reach places. It has a rubberized wheel, its back and directs the edger, giving you straighter lines and cleaner cuts. It is flexible, so you do not harm plants, scene highlights, and garden adornments, whereas you are trimming.

SPECS: 7600 RPM no-load speed, 12″ cutting breadth, 5.3 pounds machine weight, 10′ cutting line length, 0.065″ line diameter, 20V Trimmer & Edger, (2) 20V MaxLithium Battery, 20V Charger, Trimmer Spool, Support Wheels, Safety Guard

3. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

It is a 6.5A 14 inches electric string trimmer, and this item is assembled in China. It meets client requirements, which includes components.

Top 3 Edger in Amazon

1. The WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

A 12 Amp 7.5″ electric garden edger and trencher power. Just like the stars, the 12 Amp engine turns the 7.5″ edge quick and profound at 4700 transformations per diminutive, giving you professional-looking lines and edges 3 Profundity Alterations: Cut down at 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ depending on the errand at hand.

The cutting line marker will remain on the straight and limit with the cutting line guide. You will take note of a distinction when you are done.

It has an adjustable shaft that clients of any tallness can discover a length and comfortable position that works for them with the movable shaft and D-grip handle.

The WORX devices are designed with cutting-edge innovation and above current efficiency guidelines, so you’ll be able to construct a cost-effective apparatus collection that’s been planned to last. It comes with a 3-year warranty. We know this edger/trencher will final for a long time, and presently you are doing too.

2. EGO Power+ ME0800 8-Inch Edger

It is exclusively congruous with a sense of Ego Power+ Multi-Head System. It has an 8″ edger connection + Control Head and 3″ edging depth with a high-efficiency brushless motor.

It also comes with a guide Wheel with a profundity alteration Knob, a water-resistant development (ipx4), a genuine sense of self parts guarantee capability, quality, and performance. Comes with a 5-year restricted warranty Power Source Sort: Battery Powered

3. Multi-Head System Replacement Edger Blade EGO Power+ AEB0800

It has an edger blade that is exclusively used to utilize the Ego Powerhead edger Connection EA0800 that is 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. Its thickness is about 0.098 inches. It is composed of genuine Ego parts that guarantee compatibility and quality. It is a Battery Powered edger.

What is the best way to trim lawn edges?

You will have to mow your garden first. By cutting your grass, to begin with, you’re uncovering the initial bend within the grass.

This will permit for the distant better; a much better; a higher; a healthier; an improved” a higher follow when trimming the edges back.

You ought to adhere to edging the grass and not the hardscape. You ought to keep off the sidewalks, strolling regions, and concrete after employing a control edger.

Remember to edge in a specific way so as to trim between the grass and anything that is developing nearby.

In doing this, you’re guaranteeing that your edging trimmer endures longer as well as anticipating your hardscape from getting harmed over and over.

Keep it moderate and consistent. Even though this could be a time-consuming preparation, the conclusion result may be an impeccably edged grass.

As you proceed to frame your garden, you may create a framework that will make the by and large handle a parcel faster.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In any case, begin with a few practice measures of edging your grass. You wish to center on doing the work well rather than speeding through it.

Pay careful consideration to your trimmer. If you’re employing a weed whacker or string trimmer, consider the way your trimmer string or edge spins.

Keep your movements right to clear out on the off chance that your trimmer runs clockwise. This will permit your rejected trimmings to conclusion up within the grass rather than the walkway or bloom beds. Do not murder your valuable blossoms.

Utilize manual cutters to cut around flower beds and valuable plants. The newer you’re to edging your grass, the more likely you’re to cut your awesome blossoms and plants separated incidentally. Once you’ve picked up more involvement with your edger or string trimmer, you’ll work up to utilizing an electric cutter.

Features to Hunt for When Buying a Garden Edger:

Garden edgers come in an assortment of sorts and sizes. Look at the device to see that it is the right one for the purposes for which it is required.


Edgers are accessible in post-electric, shaft gas, gas-fueled push-wheel, and electric push-wheel models. Private gas-powered garden edgers, both shaft and push-wheel, have a drag rope, and the grass edger bundle ought to state “easy-start.” Higher-priced gas edgers frequently have an electronic begin, and electric edgers have an ON/OFF switch.

Garden edgers require adequate torque and drive not to get impeded down with overwhelming foliage and proceed to utilize; a minimum of 4.75 torque and a 3.5 drive engine is sufficient to control for a standard estimate yard.

Gas Powered Edger

Edging a grass can take as much time as cutting it, so you do not need to put any more time than vital into planning your grass devices. Most private gas-powered garden edgers have a 4-cylinder motor that will require you to blend oil and gas. An edger that employs gasoline as it were will have “No Blending” printed on the name enlightening and is much simpler to utilize.

Another thought is weight; the higher the gasoline tank capacity, the heavier the edger will be. On the off chance that the gas edger is hand-held, this may make a colossal difference.

Electric and Battery Powered Lawn Edgers

Electric post lawn edgers are more lightweight than gasoline-fueled edgers, basically since you’re not carrying around a tank full of gasoline.

It is heavier than the weight of an electric and lighter than gas. A rope bolt or line maintenance framework anticipates the electrical line from inadvertently getting unplugged; this bolt or framework should be located close to the handle.

The length of the control rope limits your portability when utilizing an electric edger.

Edger Blade

A garden edger ought to permit you to effectively and rapidly supplant the edger edge. An edger with a movable cutting profundity will help you get a flawless, sharp line at the slightest three edge positions.

The edger ought to have an edge separation capability, permitting you to halt the blade from turning; usually, critical security includes this, so it’s unwise to buy one without it. Another vital highlight could be edge protection, which anticipates debris from flying and causing harm or injury.

You will be able to edge with a string trimmer completely. It will probably never really coordinate a committed edge device’s exactness, but it can be done.

Take your time,  your procedure, and do not beat yourself up over a couple of battered areas as you’re learning. The more you are doing it, the better you may get at it, which holds genuine for pretty much anything in life. I hope this article serves you best by finding what you are looking for from your string trimmer.

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