Nine Most Common Problems with Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Lawnmower

Bad Boy Mower is a leading zero-turn commercial lawnmower. 

Its good quality has led it to become the most robust, durable, and strongest zero-turn mower on the market.

However, despite this glowing reputation, Bad Boy Mowers presents problems that are unavoidable.

The nine most common problems with Bad Boy Mowers are:

  • The mower won’t start 
  • Deck Lift Systems Fail 
  • Issues with Alignment 
  • Hydraulics and Transaxles 
  • Shaking Mower Deck 
  • Faulty Spindles 
  • Uneven Cutting 
  • Disengaged Blades 
  • Fast-Draining Battery. 

Common Problems with Bad Boy Mowers

Knowing how to troubleshoot your Bad Boy mower can help resolve most problems without having to spend on them or having the need to call in a professional mechanic. More importantly, it will allow you to continue using your mower without much interruption.

The majority of ‘problems’ with bad boy mowers that you will encounter are simple do-it-yourself solutions when done properly.

They mostly concern the machine’s starter, deck, and transaxle. If you have used your Bad Boy mower for quite some time, you largely know that these problems are due to wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance, and at times, due to the wrong usage.

Red tools and black toolbox
Red tools and black Toolbox

Below are nine of the most common bad boy mowers problems, as well as some recommended repairs, fixes, and troubleshooting tips.

1. Mower will not start

There are times that your Bad Boy mower will have power problems or just won’t start. The relay may sound as though your mower will run as you turn the start key, but it just won’t turn on.

If the motor of your Bad Boy refuses will not start, try these troubleshooting tips:

Battery. Check the battery connection. It may also be that the battery has a low charge.

Spark plug. Check if the spark plug wire is properly mounted. The lawnmower won’t run with a loose power plug and it might stop moving in the middle of your mowing.

Fuel Tank. Check for water in the fuel tank. It may also be that the fuel may have been in the tank for over a month.

Fuel pump. This is a common problem with gas-powered and self-propelled lawnmowers. A dry fuel pump can cause your mower to seize and become inert.

Fuel injection. Check the fuel injection to make sure fuel is getting to the engine.

Faulty Wiring. Check for any loose connections.

Dirty air filter. Check for clogging in the air filter as it makes it difficult for raw air to get into the engine.

Starting procedures. Wrong starting procedures can cause your mower not to start.

Bad Boy Mower wont start

2. Failure of the Deck Lift Systems

The deck lift systems of the Bad Boy mower are designed for sturdy and reliable support of the frame of the mower while maintaining its height adjustments.

The problem with the electric deck lift of the Bad Boy is, at certain times, it may not lift properly or not lower the deck. These may be due to:

Failure of shaft screwing. The actuator may not lift or lower the deck due to the failure of the screws of the shaft to move in and out along with the spinning of the actuator.

Moist Actuator. Unscrew and check the mower’s actuator housing because it may be moist or not perfectly sealed causing the deck to not lift or be lowered.

Rusty Screw Shaft Sleeve. The screw of the shaft sleeve may be very rusty. If such is the case, clean it up immediately and grease it.

Poor Housing Sealing. Check the actuator housing for proper sealing. If it is not properly sealed, apply a sealant gasket.

Unleveled deck. You will need to raise the deck and check that all four corners are level from front to back and from left to right. It should be level from left to right and have a 1/4-inch pitch in the front.

3. Alignment Issues

If your Bad Boy mower has alignment issues, the mower may be pulling to one side and get off your mowing track. This means you are steering your mower in one direction, and it deviates and swerves off in the wrong direction.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can use to fix the alignment issues of your mower. Note that these fixes are only applicable if the issue is not a transaxle fault or a serious mechanical problem.

Oil Leak around transaxle parts. An oil leak around the transaxle parts of your Bad Boy mower is a hydraulic problem that ought to be fixed. You can get a new seal kit to fix the leak or call a professional mechanic.

Underinflated wheels. Underinflated wheels will surely drag your mower to one side. The quickest solution is to make sure the pressure of your mower’s wheels is based on the recommended PSI.

4. Hydraulic and Transaxle Issues

The Bad Boy mower has a superb suspension system to ensure a smooth ride and keep the mower’s deck stable – even when maneuvering on uneven terrains. Bad Boy mowers also ensure cleaner and smoother cuts.

Hydraulic and transaxle issues can, however, make the ride rough and may produce poorly and unacceptable standards of cutting on your turf.

This can be awfully painful for certain sensitive grasses. So much so, that the grass needs a clean quality cut and a correct mowing height such as for Bermuda grass.

Common transaxle issues may include:

Faulty hydraulic system. It is best to make a professional mechanic deal with this issue.

Hydraulic fluid is leaking. This can be fixed by installing a new seal kit.

5. Shaking Mower Deck

The deck of a Bad Boy mower is typically sealed but after operating for a few hundred hours you may need to check the deck and do some maintenance on its blades.

A shaking or vibrating deck is a common issue and this can sometimes be due to locked collars and the pulley having some missing screws.

A worn-out spindle key can also cause the deck to start shaking and vibrating the moment you start and run your mower.

These issues can be easily fixed by replacing any missing screws on the spindle, bearings, and pulleys. You can also tighten the belt adjustment behind the drive pulley.

If the issue persists, you may need to make sure the blades are balanced, especially if you have newly installed blades. If it still doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to have a professional mechanic check your Bad Boy mower for repairs.

6. Faulty Spindles

Spindles are crucial components of the cutting deck of your mower. Faulty spindles can result in uneven cuts on your lawn. Some of the issues of the Bad Boy’s spindles include:

Slow heat-up. A pre-load spindle problem may be the cause of the mower’s spindle heating up only after running for 30 minutes to an hour.

Low vibration sounds. Worn-out bearings in the spindle will cause low vibrating sounds.

Squeaking sounds. Damaged spindles will most likely cause your mower to make squeaking sounds.

Damaged spindle. A damaged or even just a bent spindle can cause the blade to spin unevenly. You should immediately replace it.

You will need to repair the spindle of your mower to fix any of these spindle issues on the cutting deck of your mower. You can also opt to purchase a new spindle.

7. Uneven Cutting

Uneven cutting patterns result in a decreased quality of cuts. Check your mower for these to solve the issue:

Tire pressure. Make sure the tire pressure is the same from side to side. Different tire pressures will result in uneven cuts. Different air pressures may also affect the traction of the mower when maneuvering wet or dusty conditions.

Loose blades. Reinstall the blades and make sure they are tightened properly.

The sharpness of the blades. It is a must to replace the blades of your mower when needed or at least once a year. Blades that are not sharp enough will always cause uneven cuts.

Debris on the underside of the deck. Check the underside of the deck to make sure there are no debris and grass build-up.

Throttle. Check the throttle of your mower. Full throttle will ensure even cuts.

Monitor your speed. Run your mower at the right speed. You are bound to miss some grass stems if you are running the mower too fast. You may also want to change your mowing pattern each time you run your mower.

8. Blades Do not Engage

The belt of your Bad Boy mower is often the number one cause the belt is not engaging. It could be that the belt is loose, so it falls or falls off. It may also be that the belt has stretched to its limits or has snapped off.

If you have cut too much grass, they could get trapped under the deck of your mower and push off the belt. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Make sure the plug of the underside of your mower’s PTO engager is switched on.

Check that the safety switch on the bottom of the seat is plugged in.

Make sure all wires and connections are not unplugged or loose.

9. Fast Draining Battery

It can be extremely troublesome for your Bad Boy mower in the middle of a job. While there are many reasons your mower will stop, the first thing you need to check is its battery. Why is your battery draining too fast?

You may have left the mower components “on.” Even when you turn off the engine of your mower, some of its components continue to be powered by the battery.

When you do not turn off these components when you turn off the ignition, the battery will continue to supply them with power. Make sure to turn off all the components of your mower to save on battery life.

You should also make sure not to leave the key in the “on” position because it can easily drain your battery.

Corrosion around the battery. A loose battery connection makes it work double-time, so the battery will drain more quickly. Corrosion shows the posts of the battery have loose connections. It may also be that gasses are leaking out of the battery and affecting the metal terminals.

Try to clean out the corrosion. While you are at it, check for any battery case cracks, and tighten the connections of the battery.

Damaged or faulty battery charger. The battery of your Bad Boy mower is charged by its electrical system (voltage regulator and alternator). You may need to replace the electrical system of your mower if you notice they are failing. This may restore battery power the next time you use your Bad Boy mower.

Battery life. There is such a thing as the serviceable life of your battery (it will not last forever) and the time will come that it will no longer be able to hold a charge for the same length of time as when it was newer.

If your battery cannot hold a full charge for about a week or two, it may be near its end and the only solution is to replace it.

The Bad Boy

What is a Bad Boy Mower?

A zero-turn mower is a riding lawn mower that has a zero turning radius when both drive wheels turn around in opposite directions. It is like a tank turning in place.

A zero-turn mower seamlessly operates around obstacles and edges within your lawn. It can rotate in 1800 allowing you to easily mow row-by-row.

A bad boy mower is ideal for small properties that want the convenience of having a zero-turn mower. It may be small, but it is packed with a lot of power to make your gardening chores easier.

Bad Boy mowers are available in several models ranging from small mowers for residential use such as the Walk-Behind to the larger commercial models such as the Renegade Gas.

This mower is user-friendly. It has a long-life span and is relatively easy to maintain and care for. It has a reputation of having superior performance that is second to none in durability, power, and accessibility.

Bad Boy mowers are available in 8 models ranging from 42-inch to 72-inch decks. They all come with solid steel construction and welded decks.

Bad Boy mowers typically have a fuel capacity of about 13 gallons. Fuel capacities vary depending on engine type and model. Smaller riding mowers will have smaller fuel tanks than commercial mowers.

On average, Bad Boy mowers should last between 1,500-2,000 mowing hours with a lifespan of about 3 to 4 years.

It is recommended to change the oil every 100 hours of use for liquid-cooled engines and every 50 hours for air-cooled engines.

Bad Boy MowersOpens in a new tab. have created a reputation of being designed and built by one of the best heavy-duty lawnmower manufacturers. However, these mowers are not without some common problems.

Final Thoughts on The Nine Most Common Problems with Bad Boy Mowers

You can troubleshoot many bad boy mowers problems if you have even just a bit of technical skills and the right tools. You do not always have to call a professional mechanic.

Calling in a professional mechanic can be costly. It may also mean that you may not be able to use your mower for the time it is with the mechanic.

If you are unsure, though, that you can handle any of the bad boy mowers’ problems, it is always recommended that you call a professional mechanic.

Some problems such as replacement of blades, filters, and whole transaxle, as well as fixing a leaking hydraulic fluid are more often best left with the professionals.

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