Is Triple Mix Good for Lawns?

Good Soil

A Triple Mix soil consists of a topsoil blend of compost, with black loam and sandy soil. The mixture is then sterilized to ensure it’s free of weeds and balanced nutritionally to attain fertility and favorable growth.

Triple Mix is brilliant for lawns! It breaks down clay-heavy or sandy soil in your garden and creates a good balance. Use loam soil – equal quantities of sand, silt and clay for a healthy lawn. It holds moisture and drains well when the lawn is watered, retains nutrients and allows airflow. It’s the best soil for plants.

What are the Differences Between Triple Mix Soil and Topsoil?

Traditional toppings and Triple Mix soil, usually the type found in bagged soil delivery, are opposite.

A Triple Mix soil it’s a mixture of products, and its processes are made or manufactured to nourish your garden.

Black garden soil is loaded with nutrients and excellent for seeding your lawn.

The Differences are as follows:

1. Triple Mix soil 

It is made of three ingredients

Suitable for top dressing, sods, and gardens

Tested against weed-growth and nutritional value

Organic materials are used to enhance it (such as worms)

This effectively operates at a greater depth than 2cm.

2. Topsoil

Suitable for sod (can also be used in other areas)

A product that can stand-alone

It’s screened for weeds

It’s enhanced by the use of organic materials

Around 2cm is the ideal depth for its use.

The Importance of Having the Right Ingredients

In making sure that things are correct, the best ingredient should be applied. This holds when gardening. You can ensure that your plants grow and become more robust. They do not require chemical fertilizers when they have good quality soil.

But what makes a Triple Mix highly regarded among landscaper’s gardeners?

The Consistent Recipe for the Triple Mix Normal

There aren’t any assurances that Triple Mix contains the right ingredients or that those components are in the correct ratios.

Acknowledged by most of the world as excellent gardening soil, alas, the term Triple Mix is misused a lot.

To save yourself from making mistakes, you need to closely inspect the product and have a good look at the soil to decide whether or not it will fulfil your needs.

It should appear to be airier than your typical garden soil. Hence, it holds more air and water.

Thus, it may or may not be more nutritious depending on the type and amount of compost added.  Remember that peat moss is not nutritious.

Triple Mix soil has a specific recipe that has three crucial elements:

1. The Compost  1/3

2. Peat moss  1/3

3. Topsoil 1/3

The above is a well-recognized and acceptable Triple Mix combination as widely meeting most planting needs. It’s airier than regular topsoil, which is owing to the moss and compost. Hence it’s first-rate for your plants – as it contains more air and water

Triple Mix is known as universal soil because of its various uses and because it benefits growing power. It’s ideal for grass and garden plants; a Triple Mix helps break up heavy clay soils and sandy soil with abundant nutrients.

Triple Mix is applicable to use on your raised beds in an ornamental and vegetable garden. Depending on how you are going to monitor your plants, a triple blend can improve.

The soil quality of your garden can also act as a top dressing. But before applying Triple Mix, check your soil first.

The supplier will know how much mixture of the Triple Mix is needed. Putting a triple combination to raise the bed makes it ideal in an extended planting period.

Be reminded that raised beds are constant in the garden or greenhouse, which requires supply for the ideal growing ground for both annuals and perennials.

It’s also acceptable that you apply a thin top dressing of Triple Mix on your raised beds.

However, if you consider modifying your soil before planting, did you know that some gardeners would fill their beds with Triple Mix and compost it with a 3/4 triple combination ratio?

Why It’s Ideal to Apply a Triple Mix for Raised Beds?

First things first, the Triple Mix is rich in nutrients and this is because of its compost,

It eliminates the need for additional fertilizers, except the pants have different to consider for their requirements and achieve the soil quality.

The component of the Triple Mix, which is its peat moss, is beneficial with water retention in maintaining the soil moisture and even attaining the plant’s nutrients. The triple combination can prevent your raised Nordstrom saturated due to the better aeration it has.

When Not to Apply a Triple Mix

There are instances in which Triple Mix is not applicable for use: i.e. using the Triple Mix as a top dressing for flower beds or lawns. In some cases, the mixture has had plenty of weed seeds but is dependant on its manure component.

The good thing is that this can be avoided if you sterilize the mixture to ensure that it will be weed-free for the garden. You can also then be certain that commercially sold Triple Mix is free from weeds.

What Is A Triple Mix?

As discussed earlier, the Triple Mix is a combination of topsoil, peat moss, and compost. But this composition changes depending on the situation and the gardener’s needs.

For example, the compost part in its mixture may offer specific nutrients, and you find out that there are worms in the Mix.

Some manufactures add manure, black loam, and sandy soil. The mixture of sandy soil will make the nutrients easy to leech fast and absorb the plants.

And it’s also beneficial for the improvements of drainage because it hastens the breakdown of the Mix.

But, they are also a mixture that has a small amount in their black loam. Because a more significant amount turns the color of the soil into the dark, the purpose is to activate the plant’s vibrancy in its raised bed.

Why Is Soil Important to Prepare Ahead Of Time?

Triple Mix offers the primary benefits of soil preparation, such as the things that are vital in growing plants, and these are; growth of its nutrients, retention, and drainage.

Final Thoughts

There are different mixes for different purposes. However, for a new lawn, you can’t beat Triple Mix. It’s the most popular product for lawns. Whether seed or sod, the grass will do well with a thin layer or, say, an inch or two sprinkled on the top.

Don’t put on more than a few inches, or you will cause problems. After a while, the soil shrinks, and the lawn drops to a lower level.

Eventually, you’ll realize that your lawn has fallen so far that it’s fallen beneath the level of the sidewalk or driveway. This has been caused by putting too much organic matter in your soil before adding the grass!

Therefore, instead of the above, rather put the topsoil under the grass. After that, you can easily use organic matter once or twice a year to top-dress your lawn.

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