How To Kill Ants and Destroy Ant Hills Without Destroying the Grass?

Having grass in your surroundings is pleasing to the eye. It gives a beautiful appearance of being near nature and feeling peace. It delivers that feel-good vibe. Unfortunately, attractive as that grass looks, all too often, it hides ants – sometimes, armies of them.

Kill the Ants and Save the Grass by using Soap and water, Cayenne pepper,
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Diatomaceous Earth Product, Orange peel, and Canola oil!
Use these remedies on the actual ant hills if you can seek them out, and your troubles (and the ants) will be gone!

Here’s What to Do:

1. Soap and Water

The first thing you need to do is prepare soap and water because that’s what destroys the ants. Soap and water are the most effective cleaning substances helpful in killing the ants in your lawn.

Ensure the soap you are using is eco-friendly so that your grass will not die or be adversely affected.

Mix the biodegradable soap with water and pour that mixture into a spray bottle. Next, use the mixture to spray liberally on the ants and anthills or their or nests. There’s sure to be more than one in your garden.

Hopefully, most of them die on the ‘battleground’, and the rest will escape to some faraway place, never to return!

2. Cayenne Pepper

If you have Cayenne insecticide in your house, you can also use it to kill ants. Cayenne is good at killing ants without harming the grass.

Find a whisk and mix, three tablespoons of cayenne pepper sauce, 1 quart of water, and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in a bowl. After doing this, put the mixtures into a spray bottle.

Find the location of the ants’ nest and spray enough of this mixture on it so that nothing can survive. Extermination will be the outcome if cayenne is being spread in the ant’s nest.

The reason is that the chemical components of the cayenne have the capsicum element in the cayenne sauce and the soap. This composition should be deadly to ants.

3. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Dawn product is also effective in getting rid of the ants without harming your grass on the lawn. Dawn is a dishwashing agent that can be used in getting rid of ants.

To prepare the mixture using two teaspoons of Dawn with four tablespoons of baking soda mixed with one gallon of water.

An application of this on the ants will not hurt the grass or any other plants in your yard, but it is detrimental to ants. So, it’s also good at getting rid of the ants without harming the grass.

Just make sure you know the locations of the ants’ nests all over your lawn so that you can have 100% assurance that you get rid of all the ants in your yard.

It would help if you also remembered that you need to spray profusely to make sure all the ants are killed when spraying. This method is effective with any ants.

4. Diatomaceous Earth Product

Diatomaceous Earth is also good at killing ants without harming the grass. This product looks like talcum powder. It’s an insecticide that’s made up of diatoms, an alga primarily found in water.

Its insect repellent composition comes from water plants; it is harmless to grass and other plants.

Diatomaceous Earth is composed of minerals that contain mostly calcium, sodium, magnesium, and some trace elements. Thus, aside from killing the ants, it can also fertilize the soil.

For applying Diatomaceous on a nest of ants, it needs to be spread on the grass.

Sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth on the nest of the ants in generous amounts, also place it on the plants so that the ants will not go near them.

The Diatomaceous Earth is used so that when the ants ingest it, they will become dehydrated and die.

A reminder that the Diatomaceous Earth product you use should be a food-grade type because, if not, it might harm your grass because of its different chemical composition.

5. Orange Peel

Another way to kill the ants without harming your grass is by using the peel of an orange, which is deadly to ants. The peel of orange contains organic compounds toxic to the fungi that the ants love to ingest.

Ants do whatever it takes to find fungi; wherever fungi are located, ants are there too.

So, when you eat an orange, don’t forget to collect, and place the peels on the areas where ants are present. Cover the ant’s nest completely with orange peel.

6. Canola Oil

Lastly, Canola Oil is an adequate ant repellent. Aside from using Canola Oil for cooking, it is also appropriate to use in killing ants. Use one-half of a tablespoon of Canola Oil, one-half of a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap, and one-quarter of water.

Combine all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl, and when done, put it in the spray bottle.

You know what to do next!

Kill The Ants and Save the Grass

When it’s your garden, you may be confused as to what you should do about it. Do you destroy the grass and the ants and start again? No! there are ways to eradicate the ants only, thus leaving even the grass still healthy and maintaining its beautiful appearance!

This article has listed six remedies you can use to exterminate the ants without causing the grass to deteriorate. They all work to some degree or another; in fact, they are all successful when applied correctly, so it’s just a matter of you applying yourself (and one of the mixtures listed here), and getting rid of the pesky ants!

Kill the ants and keep the grass in your garden – sounds ideal! However, be warned, ants are good at escaping because of their capacity for moving fast.

Final Thoughts

By now, all the ants in your garden should be vanquished, and your ground should be victoriously ant-free!

Look after your good-looking lawn and be vigilant in keeping it disease and pest-free.

A good springy, green, healthy lawn is lovely to lie on and daydream, read a book, have a picnic, or do whatever you want to do on it. You don’t want to share it with insects, or other pests, so look after it well and always be prepared for unwanted visitors – in any form!

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