How Long Does Chili Burn On Hands Last?  How To Stop The Burn.

Hot red chili smoking - How Long Does Chili Burn On Hands Last? How To Stop The Burn

When you get burned by a hot Chili, the pain and burning sensation might continue for days. Some people are more powerless regarding the effects of Chili, and others enjoy that searing feeling of being consumed by heat.

The burning sensation of chili on your skin could last for minutes or up to 24 hours and longer, depending on the severity of the burn and the volume of capsaicin intake. Every person reacts differently. Capsaicin is an active component and is an oil. Washing it with soap and water doesn’t stop the heat because oil-based Capsaicin doesn’t dissolve in water.

How Long Does Chili Burn On Hands Last? 

Chili is kinda hot! Everyone wants to eat Chili and has likely experienced the burning sensation caused by hot Chili on your hands, taste buds, and around your mouth.

Nothing you can do will make it go away. Just accept it, suffer from it, and wait for it to ease off.  How long does it last?

You might have experienced slicing spicy hot chili peppers without gloves. Such exposure can lead to an excruciating burning on your hands. The Capsaicin can transfer to your skin and make you feel like your eyes are on fire.

Capsaicin is not much worse than a fire or chemical burn when it comes to skin burning because it activates your body’s pain receptors. Preventing hot Chili pepper burns is always preferable to treating them after they occur.

Every person reacts differently to the burning sensation that could last for minutes or up to 24 hours and longer, depending on the severity of the burn and the volume of capsaicin intake.

Capsaicin is an active component and is an oil. Washing it with soap and water does not stop the heat because oil-based Capsaicin does not dissolve in water.

Another factor determining how long the burn will last on your skin is how sensitive your skin is and if you have an allergic reaction to the Chili burn.

How To Stop The Burn 

Just to remind you that washing your skin with water won’t do your burns any good because water cannot dissolve the oil from Capsaicin.  

Use baking soda paste, oil, dish soap, milk and other dairy products to soak your burned skin and hands. Soak them in vinegar, alcohol, or a water and bleach solution. Try cornstarch, or a cold compress to relieve pain. Apply yogurt, aloe vera gel, bananas, toothpaste & water, acidic liquids, or place vaseline on the affected areas.

Chili is a perennial plant native to tropical America and grown as tender summer annuals. This Chili plant performs its entire life cycle from seed to flower.

They are propagated by directly seeding in the soil or transplanting seedlings that were  started in greenhouses or hotbeds after 6 to 10 weeks.

Hence, there’s never any shortage of Chilies at any time of the year.

Many remedies could provide some comfort to the burning sensation caused by Chili burns.

The pepper active ingredient must be eliminated and reduced from your skin. The key to stopping the Chili heat is to neutralize the pepper oil.

Definitely, we could not be experiencing this burning of our skin if we’d used gloves in the first place. If there are no gloves available at home, try using a plastic sandwich bag instead.

Here Are Some Remedies You Should Try To Stop The Burn: 

1.      Use Baking Soda Paste.

The baking soda and water combine together. Apply it to your hands and skin that is burning from Chili. Let it dry and then rinse it off with water. This will greatly help to speed up and ease the burning sensation on your hands or skin.

2.     Rubbing With Oil.

Use one tablespoon of vegetable oil or olive oil, then rub it in the area of your skin or hands burnt with Chili. Do it for about a minute, then wash with soap and water.

In this way, the oil from the Chili could be easily removed by olive oil or vegetable oil. Then, rinse with soap and water. Make sure not to rub your contaminated hands on some parts of your body.

3.     Use Dish Soap.

Dish soap is made to remove oils from our dishes. It is also effective at removing the oil from Chili on your skin or hands.

Let not the dish soap touch on some parts of your body considering it is used on the affected area. Prepare the towel to dry off the skin after washing.

4.     Use Milk And Other Dairy Products To Soak Your Burned Skin And Hands. 

Dairy products that contain fats and oils such as whole milk, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, and full-fat sour cream could remove oils from Chili.

Dairy products could also have casein, a protein that acts against Capsaicin. It helps aid in the removal of Capsaicin.

Soak the part of your burned skin or hands in a bowl containing an ice-cold and high-fat milk or dairy product. In this way, your pain will be alleviated due to the cold temperature while the dairy product works against Capsaicin.

You could use a towel, cloth, or paper towel if the affected area cannot be soaked.

5.     Soak Your Burned Skin Or Hands In Vinegar.

According to some studies, diluting vinegar with water could remove the Capsaicin off your skin. Some other acidic foods can also stop the burn, including lemon, lime, or tomatoes.

6.     Use Alcohol.

Oils are generally more soluble in alcohol rather than in water. Splashing your skin or hands with alcohol or even vodka might also help with your current dilemma. The alcohol could also help soothe the burning sensation you are feeling.

7.     Soak Your Burned Skin Or Hands In A Water And Bleach Solution.

Another way to stop the Chili skin burn is to prepare a 5-to-1 solution made of water and bleach. thus soak your skin or hands in it.

You could also use a cotton ball to soak in the solution and gently rub the burned skin with it.

This bleach solution can turn the active ingredient, Capsaicin, into a water-soluble salt. It helps alleviate the pain and afterwards, wash your skin with water.

8.     Soak Your Skin Or Hands in Cornstarch Paste.  

Cornstarch helps by neutralizing the oil from Chili that is causing the burn. Covering the area of your burned skin with cornstarch might do the trick of relieving the pain.

9.     Cold Compress To Relieve Pain. 

This is also one of the effective ways to relieve the pain. Apply a cold compress on the affected area of Chili skin burn. Leave the cold compress on your skin and then rotate it. Following this remedy shall remove the burn within a few hours.

10.     Use Yogurt. 

Yogurt also does an excellent job at calming a fiery Chili burn on your skin or hands (and it also works well on sunburn).

Spoon some yogurt into a bowl and submerge your hands into the creamy product. The burning sensation will subside soon.

However, it is recommended to keep your hands submerged for up to an hour.

* We at GGT have tried this and it slowly works.

11.     Apply Aloe Vera Gel 

It’s similarly effective on sunburn. Apply some aloe vera gel to your Chili pepper burn. Aloe vera could help increase blood circulation and provide some temporary relief for chili burns on the skin or hands.

*We at GGT have tried this and it slowly works.

12.     Use Bananas. 

Many have proven and claimed that bananas stopped the Chili burn on their hands by rubbing the inside of a banana skin. It is good and effective.

13.     Toothpaste & Water.

It has been recommended to use toothpaste to alleviate Chili burns. It can be soothing and it also relieves pain.

14.     Acidic Liquids. 

This is an excellent option, citrus juices can work well for Chili burns, especially lime juice and lemon juice.  Absolutely, neither of these are soothing to drink.

15.     Place Vaseline On The Affected Areas. 

Vaseline can curb the burning feeling pretty quickly. This is a topical solution only and not advisable to place in the mouth to combat chili burn.

Try each treatment one at a time until you find the best one to stop the burn. It may not work for me, but it may work for you. Whenever,  If you still find burns painful for a day or two, it might be best to seek medical attention.

Why Can Chili Burn Your Hands Or Skin?

If you know why hot Chili peppers hurt and burn your skin, you can also choose a readily available cure in your house if the circumstances call for it.

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in Chili of the capsicum genus, is primarily responsible for the burning sensation experienced by people when they consume them.

This Capsaicin does bind to your sensory receptors or nerve cells, resulting in the burning sensation. A warning is sent out by these cells that are found in the skin, joints, and membranes.

The capsaicin receptors and vanilloid receptors are the two common names for these receptors. The nerve cells react to Capsaicin like how heat or high temperatures respond to them.

Hunan Hand (also known as Chili Burn) is a kind of contact dermatitis that develops in people who frequently handle and are exposed to Chili peppers.

Worsening could lead to swelling of your lung tissue, which would be pretty tough for persons with asthma who have sensitive mucous membranes.

On the other hand, Capsaicin could also induce stomach and intestinal irritation, leading to diarrhea, vomiting, and other unpleasant side effects. So, therefore, as much as possible, this chemical capsaicin must be removed from your skin.

Why Chili Is So Hot.

Chili has a lot of heat in the alkaloid oil of Capsaicin which is primarily found in the seeds and membranes.

When this oil spreads, it’s like wildfire. Water would do absolutely nothing to help.

Once you accidentally rub hot Chili on your skin, mouth, and tongue, you will have a high risk of intake of capsaicin.

The burning sensation could last for minutes and up to days, depending on the pepper’s Scoville scale.

The molecule that causes this effect is called Capsaicin. It is a pithy white membrane that covers the seeds of hot Chili that contain an alkaline oil-like substance.

Scientists had discovered the chemical component capsaicin in crystalline form in Chili peppers and were shown to create a burning sensation in the mucous membranes shortly after that.

It creates boosted gastric acid production and activates cutaneous nerve endings. Studies have found that Capsaicin has components that make it an effective supplement for promoting health.

It could also help topically to the skin to treat disorders like psoriasis, diabetic neuropathy, and arthritis.

Topical ointments which contain Capsaicin are currently being utilized to treat shingles-related neuralgia pain.

Some patients with arthritis or musculoskeletal discomfort could take Capsaicin but under the supervision of the FDA.

This Capsaicin is also approved to prevent nausea and vomiting after surgery and for the treatment of eczema, among other conditions.

The capsaicin cream could also be used to relieve minor aches and pains, such as arthritis-related joint discomfort, back pain, and sprains and strains.

Does Turning Down The Burn Of Chili Kill Capsaicin’s Health Benefits?

As mentioned earlier,  studies have found that Capsaicin has components that make it an effective supplement for promoting health.

Eating Capsaicin may also increase energy expenditure, enhance metabolism, and much more benefits from it.

One of the trusted researchers had said that “It was super unpleasant for the first few days, but then was replaced with a buzzing excitement.

” To cool down the heat would not affect Capsaicin’s power to stoke metabolic rates. “Liver enzymes break down most capsaicin,” says Andy Brunning, founder of the chemistry website.

“Making some remedies to ease the burn will not affect any metabolism-altering properties of Capsaicin.”

Research has shown that Capsaicin could help destroy certain cancer cells, and improve your response to chemotherapy. Ir can also lower your risk of organ damage caused by cardiovascular diseases and even help you live longer.

Final Thoughts – How Long Does Chili Burn On Hands Last? How to Stop It. 

So, this one is for all of us to learn how to get rid of hot Chili burn on our hands.

Try and use our methods to get some quick relief from hot Chili burn and to help prevent this in the future.

Certain research suggests that Chili peppers are good for more than just spicing up a bland dish. With potential benefits like helping with weight loss and killing cancer cells.

Spicy food just gets better and better.

Yet,  make sure you have at least some milk to go with it. 

We’ve explained to you that each person reacts differently to the burning feeling they get from explosing their skin to raw Chili Peppers.

That excruciating burn pain can last anywhere between a few minutes (very rare), several hours (more likely) and up to 24 hours and longer (it does happen quite often), depending on the severity of the burn and the volume of capsaicin intake. 

Chili is one of the great spicy foods contributed by America to world cuisine.

There’s a saying in the Philipines:  

When Love Lets You Down, You Should Eat A Cold Bowl Of Chile.

It Is Small In Quantity But Great In Value!

There’s a different saying we have here at Green Garden Tribe:

Gloves on, Big Gain

Gloves off, Big Pain

Oh well – you can’t say we didn’t warn you!




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