Grass Stickers and Grass Burrs – How to Get Rid of Them

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Dreaming of a healthy and thick green grass lawn? Have you experienced annoying and painful things growing with your grass, like grass burrs, sand burrs, and stickers that afflict your dream lawn?  Learn here how to get rid of the unwanted stickers and burrs.

Removal by Hand, Regular and Deep Mowing, Using White Vinegar, Regular Watering and Applying of Fertilizer.

Grass Stickers and Grass Burrs – How to Get Rid of Them

To eliminate all of these, you might be thinking of getting the best weed killers for your grass. The chemical-based weed killer, however, is not safe for children and pets. So, it may not always be advisable.

Let’s examine the range of available options to remove the Grass Burrs and Stickers. Importantly, each one will not harm you but will reward you with a lush and lavish lawn.

Manual Removal by Hand.

Once you have identified these grasses or weeds into your lawn, this is one of the options to clear your lawn, and that is by manually removing the Grass Burrs and Stickers. You can either use your hand or by using a rake. 

First, moisten the soil to have an easier time removing the full weed root from the moist soil. Dig up the roots and use a sharp spade to dig to the bottom of the plant.  If possible, reach the bottom of the root.

Regular and Deep Mowing

Now is the right time to get rid of excess lawn grass by mowing, especially when you have seen Sticker Burrs pop up.

Be sure to mow as short as possible and don’t forget upon mowing that a bag is attached to the Lawn Mower or even dragging an old carpet. In this way, it prevents the spread of Sticker Grass seeds to all four corners of your lawn.

Mowing should be repeated two or three times a week for the first couple of weeks of spring when the Sticker weeds are at their most invasive.

Make sure to collect all the clippings in a trash bag and safely dispose of them away.

Weeds cannot grow in a lawn where it is mowed regularly.

Using White Vinegar.

To use something that kills them off or to get rid of the Burrs and Stickers without much work required on your part is by using white vinegar. Some lawn owners have proved it right.

White Vinegar works well in killing the Grass Burrs and Stickers. Naturally, it has acidic elements present within the white vinegar that can poison the Burrs and Stickers and kill them.

Just simply spray the vinegar directly to the grass weeds daily, if necessary, until you get rid of them.

White vinegar is perfectly natural to use as a weed killer. However, it could also be harmful to lawn grass. Be careful to aim straight and not to miss with that spray gun.

You could also add orange oil to the white vinegar of 2 ounces for every gallon. To further boost its effectiveness.

Steps On How to Use White Vinegar:

Use a rake or shovel to scoop up the loose Grass Burrs and Stickers that are easily removed. Discard the burrs in the trash.

Fill the spray bottle with white vinegar. Its acidic element will quickly kill off the burrs.

Start spraying heavily over the Grass Burrs and Stickers directly. Be careful of spraying especially its surroundings that may also kill the lawn grass. Avoid as much as possible in contact with the lawn grass.

Repeat this application daily as needed until the burrs and stickers are killed. Collect the dead burrs and stickers with a rake and shovel and discard them.

Regular Watering and Apply Fertilizer. 

Grass Burrs and Stickers struggle and don’t like competition. Certainly not the kind of competition that comes from fight to preserve a healthy and luscious lawn. 

When you have a healthy, thick, and green lawn, the burrs have a hard time spreading. 

These Stickers and Burrs don’t like to be watered always and can’t stand healthy lawns.  Always keeping your lawn watered properly will go a long way in eliminating Grass Burrs.

It is essential to apply fertilizer to boost the growth of your lawn grass. Grass Burrs and stickers always fail at the competition.

A Lovely Green Lawn

Growing a luscious green lawn is a labor of love and it takes time. However, it’s worth the effort.

There is nothing better than walking barefooted on your lawn during hot summer. It is something to treasure and to enjoy with your family.

Before we can learn how to get rid of this unwanted grass, we need to know more….

What Are These Grass Burrs and Stickers in My Lawn?

Clay Pebbles Flower

Grass Burrs are also called Sand burrs and Sticker Burrs. They do look like grass and most likely go undetected.  They are all annual grassy weeds that pop up in lawns.

Considering they are annual they need a seed to create a new plant and not a rhizome.

Noticeably, a manifestation occurs when you step on the burrs.  It can be annoying for you and your pets as the small prickly seed casings stick to your clothes and to your pet’s fur as well.

They might even stick to your fingers when you remove them. It’s a prickly and painful thing.

Let’s Look at The Life Cycle of Grass Burrs and Stickers:

1.      The Burrs or seeds germinate in spring and the grass-like weed will develop in the spring and summer

2.     Perhaps some homeowners unknowingly mow the Grass Burr plant along with lawn grass.

3.     During summer the Grass Burrs will start to produce burrs and catch a ride on everything that comes by. These burrs (seeds) have a germination life of up to 7 years.

Facts About Grass Burrs and Stickers:

These grass weeds don’t like a healthy thick lawn because a healthy lawn, they must fight or compete to survive for nutrition. 

They hate water and too much of it would kill them. 

At an early stage, you can manually pick them up. Their roots are not too deep enough to make it hard to pick them up.

The seeds of the Grass Burrs and Stickers are the main culprit.  Otherwise, your pets help the seeds to spread all over your lawn. Control the spread!

Final Thoughts – Grass Stickers and Grass Burrs – How to Get Rid of Them

Fight against these grass weeds by taking care of your lawn to encourage growth and maintain a healthy environment.

Once you’ve gotten rid of these Burrs and Stickers, you’d do well to make sure they never return.  A deep and frequent mowing is an effective form of prevention, so it’s a good idea to make it a regular part of your year-round lawn maintenance routine.

Another good idea is catching the seeds before they have time to germinate.

Dragging an old carpet behind your Lawn Mower, may sound odd. Yet, it does wonders in reducing the chances of having Grass Burrs and Stickers for the following years.

Getting rid of Grass Burrs and Stickers requires being forever vigilant, decisive, and some hard work.

Our aim here is to give you all the information you need so that you can prevent these Grass Burrs and Stickers from ever taking hold of your precious lawn.

Enjoy and have fun!

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