Does Lavender Bloom all Summer? (Dates and Timings)

Lavender is a strong-scented and bushy perennial plant. Its upright flower spikes, shrub-like appearance, and silver-green foliage makes it ideal for hedges. But does lavender bloom all summer?

Yes! Your Lavender Garden can bloom all summer. Plant several varieties of Lavender that bloom one after the other. Some Lavenders bloom early as May. Arrange stage-blooming Lavender varieties near each other. Lavender will bloom in your garden all summer long. In the right conditions, some Lavenders bloom all year round!

How to Keep Lavender Blooming All Summer

The best way to have your Lavender Garden blooming all summer is to plant several varieties of Lavender that bloom one after the other. This is the most logical answer to the question of, does Lavender bloom all summer?

Lavender is a summer flower. Lavender in your garden allows you to enjoy the sun because of its fragrance. The violet, blue, or white panicle-shaped blooms of Lavenders can fill your garden with fragrance.

Early blooming Lavenders bloom as early as May. If you arrange stage-blooming Lavender varieties near each other, you will have beautiful Lavender blooms within your garden delightful fragrances all summer.

• Lavender is easy to plant. To make sure they bloom all summer, they need to be healthy and disease-free. They also need proper care.

• Here are some factors that will make Lavender bloom to its maximum potential:

• Plant Lavender in alkaline soil. It won’t bloom as much when planted in overly acidic soil.

• Amen Lavender soil with grit or sand to create a porous structure that will allow oxygen to quickly reach the roots. It will also allow water to quickly drain.

• Avoid using fertilizer because Lavender growing in overly fertile soil will grow a lot of foliage but fewer flowers.

• Distribute white stone around the base of the Lavender plant. The stones will reflect the sun back and will increase the amount of fragrance and blooms.

• All Lavender varieties need full sun. Less sun means fewer flowers. Your Lavender will not live long, either, without full sun.

• Water your Lavender once every two weeks (and no more) during the growing season. Lavender is drought-resistance.

Over-watering will result in root rot and even death. Drenching your Lavender will also prevent your plant from flowering.

• Regular dredging all summer will push your Lavender plant to grow more blooms.

How Does Lavender Bloom All Summer?

Make sure to keep the foliage of your Lavender plant as dry as possible. Avoid planting Lavender too close to each other because this will prevent the plant from getting good air circulation.

Make sure to also get regularly rid of spent, deadhead blooms during the blooming season. This will prolong the blooming season of Lavender and allow it to have a bushier growth.

Lavender can survive in any soil condition if it has good drainage and a lot of suns.

Lavender comes in a wide range of varieties.

• While it is considered as a summer-blooming flower,

• Some Lavender varieties are early bloomers with their amazing blooms coming into view in spring.

• Other Lavenders are late bloomers with their blooms appearing in mid until late summer.

• There are also some varieties of Lavender that continuously bloom from spring to the end of summer.

Lavender Blooming Seasons

The blooming season of Lavender depends on its variety. Different varieties of Lavender bloom at different times. Some produce blooms in spring and summer while some continuously bloom.

If you want to know, does Lavender bloom all summer? The quick answer is it depends on the Lavender variety.

Lavender comes in three main types, and each has its own blooming season. Some are early bloomers and others are late bloomers.

• Lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia)

This type of Lavender is characterized by loose spikes and grey foliage. They typically flower in July or August and last until late summer.

• Common Lavender, True Lavender, or English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) 

This Lavender variety comes with short flower spikes and greyish-green narrow leaves. Their blooms appear in June or July and last for 3-4 weeks.

• Butterfly Lavender, Spanish Lavender, or French Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) 

This type of Lavender has distinct flowers and silvery aromatic leaves. They typically flower in May when grown in areas with mild summers and winters. They once again bloom in June and again in late summer or fall.

Early Blooming Lavenders: 

• French Lavenders

• English Lavenders

Late Spring and Early Summer-Blooming Lavenders

• English Lavenders

Mid to Late Summer-Blooming Lavenders

• Lavandin

• English Lavender

How to Choose a Lavender Variety

Given the many varieties of Lavender, choosing the best depends on how you want to enjoy your Lavender plant and the area where you live.

• Humidity and Hardness

Most Lavenders are hardy and grow in USDA Zones 5-8. Tender varieties of Lavender can grow only in warmer areas or Zones 9-10. If they are given adequate protection, Lavenders can also grow in Zones 3-4. While they like hot weather, Lavenders do not like too much humidity.

• Flowers

The flowers of the Lavender plant vary in color, shape, and size. Lavender flowers are not only purple. Some are pink, white, or blue. The color selection is a matter of choice.

• Foliage

The foliage of Lavenders in warm areas is evergreen and they last longer than the plant’s blooms. In other areas, Lavender foliage can be silver or gray-green. These leaves are toothed and narrow.

• Height

Lavender plants can be compact and grow to only as high as 12 inches. Some varieties can reach up to 3-feet high.

• Blooming Season

Does lavender bloom all summer? Lavenders are basically summer-blooming perennials. Blooming seasons, though, vary depending on cultivars and varieties. Under favorable conditions, some Lavender varieties bloom all year round. Some bloom again in fall.

Lavender Is Versatile – It Has Many Uses

Lavender, as an herb, has many culinary uses. Lavender can also be harvested to create potpourri, sachets, and fragrant flower arrangements.  Its colorful foliage creates stunning borders typically from early summer to fall.

 Final Thoughts

The delicious fragrance and colorful blooms of Lavender make it a welcome addition to your garden.

Does Lavender bloom all summer? The right planting, growing, and blooming conditions will allow your Lavender to flower all summer.

Choose the right Lavender varieties to enjoy the flower colors you love the most, all Summer long!

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