Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Squirrels Away? (How to use)

Squirrel in Garden

You may regard Squirrels as gorgeous and lovable, but they are marauders by nature and can cause severe damage to your garden and home! Perhaps you’ve heard that Irish Spring is the most natural of remedies to keep Squirrels away from your yard. Do you know how Irish Spring Soap keeps Squirrels away; or how to use it?

How Irish Spring Soap Keeps Squirrels Away 

Squirrels are nauseated and repulsed by the stink of Irish Spring Soap. Spread either grated Irish Spring Soap around the perimeter of your garden and yard – or attach cubes of it to the top of stakes pressed into the ground all over your property. It will repel them. They will never cross that barrier.

Only Irish Spring Soap has the power to keep Squirrels away from your yard. Squirrels regard the odor of Irish Spring Soap as the most repellent stench ever!

Here Are Two methods of Using Irish Spring Soap to Keep Squirrels Away:

Here are two methods of using Irish Spring Soap to keep Squirrels away and protect your yard and home. Both methods work like a bomb!
You can place Irish Spring cubes or sprinkle grated or shavings of Irish Spring Soap in your yard. This is how:

Method 1: Use Irish Spring Soap Cubes

You will need:

• Irish Spring Soap, 1 bar, original scent

• Small Fabric Drawstring pouches, 2-inches by 2-inches

• Knife

• String

• Cheesecloth

• Duct tape or staple gun

• Wooden stakes, 12″ x 1″ x 1″

What to do:

1. Slice the Irish Spring Soap into 1/2-inch cubes.

2. Place two cubes of Irish Spring Soap into each drawstring pouch.

3. Pull the string tightly and close the pouch.

4. Knot the drawstring to ensure the soap cubes are secure inside the pouch.

5. Staple one pouch to one end of the wooden stakes.

6. Bury the other end of each of the wooden stakes about 6-inches into the ground.

How To Do It:

Bury more wooden stakes, in other areas of your yard where the Squirrels have been – the areas most frequented by the Squirrels. The wooden stakes should be about 5-10 inches apart.

You can also scatter drawstring pouches of Irish Spring cubes under and around your plants.

If you do not have drawstring pouches, you can wrap the Irish Spring cubes in a cheesecloth, tie them with a string to form a pouch.

Monitor your yard during the week. Look for signs of damage the Squirrels may have caused.

The amount of Irish Spring pouches and wooden stakes with Irish Spring cubes depends on the size of your yard and the estimated number of Squirrels that get into your yard.

Method 2: Use Grated Irish Spring Soap

You will need:

• Irish Spring Soap, 1 bar, original scent

• Grater

What to do:

1. Get the grater.

2. Shred the Irish Spring bar.

3. Sprinkle the grated Irish Spring Soap around the perimeter of your garden. Sprinkle the grated soap in such a way that you are creating a barrier or wall so the Squirrels will not cross.

How To Do It:

You can also wrap a small amount of grated Irish Spring in old pantyhose. Tie both ends of the pantyhose and tie on your bird feeder.

The Squirrels will never get near your bird feeder to do any damage.

As you now know, Squirrels are debilitated by the smell of Irish Spring so they will avoid getting near the grated soap you sprinkled, and they’ll keep away from your yard.

Sprinkling grated Irish Spring spreads the smell of the soap throughout your yard. You can also sprinkle grated Irish Spring Soap around each of your plants.

How Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Squirrels Away?

Irish Spring Soap’s stink or pong tells Squirrels to stay clear of your yard. Squirrels are repulsed by the reek of Irish Spring Soap. It has a sort of weakening effect on them.

Hence, they stay well away from areas where the soap has been placed.

One of the most challenging pests to control, Squirrels damage your yard by:

• Eating leaves, barks, and bulbs of your plants.

• Chewing your vegetables.

• Digging up your plants.

• Rubbing your fruit trees.

• Destroying your bird feeders.

Squirrels can also invade and Harm your home by:

• Gnawing on the sidings of your home, they create big holes. Moisture seeps in, causing water damage or rotting of your sidings.

• Chewing your wiring. Chewing is good for their dental health but bad for their electrical wiring.

• Invading your home’s insulation and nesting there. A Squirrel infestation in your home will cause you to hear a lot of banging noises on your walls.

Squirrel Munching on Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds
Squirrel Munching on Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds

How to Be Free of Squirrels

There are several ways to terrify Squirrels from nearing your garden. You can:

• Harass them

• Scare them

• Starve them

• Trap them

• Poison them

The Squirrels’ sense of smell is extremely powerful. They depend on it to find shelter and food. You can also sprinkle, spray, or place items with smells the Squirrels hate, i.e:

• Coffee grounds

• Pepper and Garlic spray

• White Vinegar

• Capsaicin

• Peppermint Oil

• Cinnamon

• Garlic

• Rosemary

Squirrels also detest the smells of dryer sheets, ammonia, naphthalene balls (mothballs), other predators’ urine, and bleach. But none are as deadly as the whiff of Irish Spring Soap!

The above items create vile odors that Squirrels hate. When these putrid aromas, reach their nostrils – even from a distance – the SquirrelsOpens in a new tab. will be repelled and caused to leave.

Irish Spring Soap is one of the easiest and safest ways to get Squirrels off your property.

Final Thoughts on Using Irish Spring Soap Keep Squirrels Away.

When we or our possessions are under attack we often don’t think as clearly as we would like. We tend to react instead – it’s the human condition.

Alas, our reactions are rarely the way we would have behaved if we’d had more time to think.

We love our homes – our homes are our castles where we retreat at the end of a long day or enjoy by working in the gardens at the weekends.

Any thought of a threat to our safe havens and we become extremely protective – as we should – but maybe not as cunning as we could.

When danger shows itself – even in the form of cute little Squirrels – don’t throw yourself immediately into the fray. You’ll show your hand to the enemy. Rather take a few steps back and formulate a battle plan.

Be calculating and crafty and come up with a counterattack. You’ll take your enemy by surprise, and you’ll be glad you did!

Show the Squirrels who’s the boss and protect your territory! Use Irish Spring Soap cubes or grated Irish Spring shavings to keep Squirrels at bay.

With your land thus protected you can get back to enjoying your garden and scheming about new plants to buy and where to position them.

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