Can Garden Mirrors Cause Fires? (Safety Warning)

What are mirrors? What do they do? Mirrors reflect light, so they reflect the world around them with a clear image. A mirror will also allow you to see yourself and the objects behind you. Let’s discuss what happens when you place mirrors in your garden. Do mirrors cause fires? This article will tell us.

Sun rays reflecting off mirrors cause fires. Garden mirrors reflecting towards your garden can and do cause fires! Never place a mirror towards your garden if that part gets direct sunlight for long periods. Use the acrylic mirrors designed for this purpose

Safety Tips On The Use Of Garden Mirrors

There are many things you can achieve and create by having mirrors in your garden. Yet, safety precautions are necessary for you and your family to not be at risk.  Here are some safety tips:

1. Never place mirrors in a garden that gets direct sunlight all day. That’s a fire looking for a place to happen.

2. To be sure that your garden mirror will not focus on the sun directly or anything that would burn.

3. Proper placement of mirrors in your garden speaks of safety.

To position and place mirrors that would be avoiding direct sunlight is a good idea. Be careful where to put them concerning the sun.

A shady area is somehow a good place.

4. Use mirrors that can withstand weather conditions. Garden mirrors should be securely positioned because they will be exposed to harsh weather.

Acrylic mirrors are highly recommended since they are weather resistant to endure the prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions.

5. Suggested best materials to be used for your garden mirrors: Mirrors are made of glass and plastic acrylic.

The glass surface is harder to scratch than acrylic, thus making it less scratched by passing animals. Glass mirror is much heavier and should be fixed to a wall surface to prevent it from falling.

Acrylic is lighter by about 80% compared to a glass mirror. This makes it much easier to fix onto surfaces and walls.

Acrylic mirrors are made and designed for the outdoors to provide a weatherproof reflection. It is better to use acrylic mirrors because they are ten times stronger than glass mirrors and are not easily broken from shattering.

Acrylic mirrors are excellent for your garden; hence, they are weather-resistant, shatterproof, lightweight, and safe to use. It brings out safety around your garden and to your family.

6. To ensure that garden mirrors will not cause any harm to birds or other animals.

As much as possible, do not place mirrors in the garden, which could impact the bird’s flight. Birds are seen in the garden looking for seeds and plants.

Garden mirrors confuse birds with what they see, and can cause them to fly right into the mirror. This incident can cause severe damage and even death.

It is essential to choose a place in the garden where birds are not flying in or out of that place.

Garden Mirrors Are Only Safe If Properly Positioned

Anything that can concentrate the sun’s rays must be put away to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out. Ordinary mirrors should be moved away from sunlight or direct contact with the sun.

Garden mirrors should be replaced with Acrylic mirrors which are great to incorporate into your garden bringing new dimensions with the reflection of creating a much greater sense of space and light.

They highlight the beauty of your garden in such a way that they can even make it look more than twice the size and quite captivating.

They are incredible majestic decorations in your garden, with a magical power that transforms your garden in the sense of creating a bigger space that can make it look twice the size.

Garden mirrors work best in the garden when lots of plants are growing around them to blend in with the background and to your eyes.

If you add many of them to the bottom of each wall around your garden, these mirrors will transform your garden into a huge and enchanted place through reflection alone. You’re combining reality with your illusion.

They can add beauty and make a remarkable transformation to your garden.

Perhaps, you already have attractive plants to show off that highlight the exciting atmosphere brought into your beautiful garden, making it look enchanting and free from worries and dangers.

How To Make Your Garden Mirror Weather-Resistant

As mentioned earlier, acrylic mirrors are highly recommended to use in your garden.

Hence, they are ten times stronger than glass mirrors and are not easily broken from shattering. They are excellent for your garden for the reason that they are weather-resistant, shatterproof, lightweight, and safe to use.

They are able to withstand the harsh environments in the garden.

However, glass mirrors are also good to be used in the garden. Glass surface is harder to scratch than acrylic, thus making it less scratched by passing animals. It has many designs to choose from that could add beauty to the garden.

Whenever you have decided on the type of garden mirror to use, it is also vital to weatherproof it for safety and durability. Let’s weatherproof your garden mirrors, and these are the simple things to follow:

To Purchase An Edge Sealer. Here Are The Reasons: 

1.This will help keep the mirror’s edges from blackening due to harsh weather such as rain, snow, sleet, and ice.

2.To protect the garden mirror from moisture from cleaning materials, chemical fumes, and salt in the air.

  • To prepare your workspace layout, place a tarp or blanket larger than a mirror on top of the tarp or blanket.
  • Apply the mirror edge sealer to the mirror and let it dry. After brushing or spraying the sealant, allow it to completely dry. Use a washcloth and glass cleaner to clean the mirror’s surface.
  • To properly place the mirrors in your garden. To position them in a safe place, ideally avoiding direct sunlight.

Be careful where to put them concerning the sun and fix them tightly to ensure safety for long periods of exposure to harsh environments.

Therefore, garden mirrors that get direct sunlight can cause fires. But yet,  garden mirrors are safe if you use and place them correctly. So, I hope this could be of great help to you.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve decided that you like having mirrors in your garden, it makes more sense to get Acrylic mirrors meant for gardens.

Rather than doing it for yourself, why not call in an expert for this job. They’ll probably have some great ideas about how to be more practical whilst at the same time making your garden look more extensive and more attractive.

They’ll be able to advise you on safety matters, and you’ll feel more reassured and safer.

We hope you go ahead with the mirror idea and use the acrylic mirrors intended for this purpose. We also hope that you and the visitors to your garden enjoy the result.


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