8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide (And Our Top Choice)

outdoor tumbling composter - 8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide - Patricia Godwin
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Composting Grinders are used to break up compost more efficiently and, in less time, so that your houseplants and vegetable gardens will benefit. To break up the compost is a time-consuming challenge. You can try woodchippers as composters, but they don’t work. You need a real composter.

Details of the 8 best Composting Grinders are listed below; plus, when selecting yours look at size, materials, assembly, aeration, loading and unloading, single or dual chambers, and rotation.  Everything you need to know about compost and composting grinders is right here!

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In a Rush? This is our preferred Compost Tumbler:
Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler  

8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide - Patricia Godwin

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Best Composting Grinders

 1.     FCMP Outdoor Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter (IM 4000)            

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The FCMP Outdoor Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter is made of BPA-free, and UV inhibited recycled polypropylene.

This material will not degrade even if left under direct sunlight. It has a corrosion-resistant galvanized steel frame.

This composter comes with an octagonal shape and has a 37-gallon capacity. It comes with a removable door and large openings making it easy to add your food scraps.

This tumbling composter comes with two chambers on separate sides. While one side is processing your food scraps, you can add fresh scraps and clippings on the other side.

Alternately processing the contents of each side allows you to have a continuous supply of healthy and rich compost.

The tumbling design of this composter does not require the use of your hand to dig and mix your compost pile. All you need to do is close the door and turn it five times every two days.

Your compost will be done in 2 weeks if you have the right balance of ingredients and hot sunny conditions.


  • Made from BPA-free materials
  • Mixes a large amount of oxygen into the compost
  • Allows easy mixing


  • It is not bear-proof

The FCMP Outdoor Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter (IM 4000) is ideal for beginners because it is easy to use. The unit weighs 28 pounds and is 28 inches x 36 inches x 30 inches.

2.     Miracle-Gro Small Single Chamber Composter

8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide - Patricia Godwin

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The Miracle-Grow Small Single Chamber Composter is for outdoor use with a hexagon-shaped design which promotes better mixing. It has a capacity of 27.7 gallons and can easily tumble your compost into a healthy treat for your garden.

This composter can turn your food scraps into fertile compost in no time. It is equipped with a unique aeration system with inner mixing bars that help speed up the decomposition of your food scraps.

This single chamber composter comes with a sturdy design.  It is made of BPA-free plastic with UV rays protection making your compost free of harmful toxins. Its side-locking mechanism allows easy loading and unloading.

This composter is equipped with an aeration system which includes an oxygen inlet. The mixing bars of the composter allow fast curing.


  • Equipped with a unique aeration system
  • Has a compact and space-saving design
  • Comes with a tight seal
  • Includes mixing bars that help speed up the decomposition process
  • Its heavy-duty construction allows continuous composting all year


  •  Design needs improvement

The Miracle-Grow Small Single Chamber Composter is easy to use. Included in the package is a pair of multi-purpose and latex-free gardening gloves.

 3.     Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler  

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The Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler is delivered assembled and ready to use. It is made of alloy steel and. It is 25.6 inches X 32.3 inches X 23.6 inches and has an 18.5-gallon capacity.

This compost tumbler is equipped with two compartments making composting more efficient. Its dual chambers allow you to add composting materials to one chamber while the other chamber is going ahead with the composting process.

It does not require any digging, mixing, or turning your food scraps by hand. The internal mixing bars of the composter speed up the decomposition process. All you need to do is open the door and turn about 5 to 6 times every few days.


  • Comes with dual chambers
  • Produces compost in a short time


  • The doors tend to be difficult to open
  • The doors are not too durable

The Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This compost grinder produces nutrient-dense fertilizer for your garden in no time. With this compost tumbler, you can use your fresh compost in 4-6 weeks.

 4.     Vitamix Food Cycler FC – 50 (068051)

8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide - Patricia Godwin

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The Vitamix Food Cycler FC-50 produces fertilizer from food scraps in only 4-8 hours, thus, you can run several cycles in one day, year-round. It can process most kitchen and table food scraps including chicken bones.

This food cycler is small and compact. It only needs one cubic foot of space and a power outlet to keep it running. This food cycler comes with a carbon filter lid that eliminates odor and promotes quieter cycles.

To process your food scraps, place them into the bucket, press the ON button, and leave the cycler to do its thing.

This cycler will be able to break down your food waste into 1/10 of its original volume, not to mention top-quality and nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants and soil.


  • Transforms food scraps into fertilizer in a few hours
  • Has a 2-liter capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Odor-free


  • Composting chamber is a bit small
  • Needs to be plugged in
  • A bit expensive

 The Vitamix Food Cycler FC-50 is ideal for indoor use. The removable bucket is dishwasher safe.

 5.     Good Ideas Wizard Jr Outdoor Compost Bin

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The Good Ideas Wizard Jr Outdoor Compost Bin comes with a cylindrical shape. It is 22 inches X 23.5 inches X 30 inches. It has a 52-gallon capacity.  It is made with BPA-free polyethylene plastic.

This composter comes fully assembled so you do not have to struggle to put it together. The composter’s 12-inch twisting lid makes it a great option if you do compost regularly.


  • Ready to use (assembled)
  • 7-cubic feet capacity
  • Child and pet-friendly


  • Needs to be kept out of the rain because water can build up inside the composter preventing the food scraps from composting properly and a bad small.

The Good Ideas Wizard Jr Outdoor Compost Bin has an easy operation. Simply toss your food scraps and leave the tumbler to mix and grind the materials to create nutrient-rich food for your plants and soil.

6.     Joseph Intelligent Recycle Compost Bin

8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide - Patricia Godwin

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The Joseph Intelligent Recycle Compost Bin has a 9.5 – gallon waste compartment. It also has a removable inner bin that ensures the trash liners is in place. It is easy to remove the trash bags with the bin’s breathing vents.

This compost bin comes with several compartments including a 6.3-gallon multi-purpose drawer with a removable and a removable divider. These allow you to segregate different trash types.

Another compartment is the 1-gallon removable compost bin can be placed inside the waste compartment and multi-purpose drawer.

This compost bin also includes a carbon odor filter to deal with the unpleasant odor of your food scraps. It is discreetly hidden underside the lid.

The body of the Joseph Intelligent is made from powder-coated steel. Its lid is also made of stainless steel that is fingerprint-proof and is equipped with a touch-button release.


  • Comes with a drawer with a divider allowing it to hold more than one type of recyclables
  • Touch button lid opening system
  • Easy to clean


  • Sides and cover can be easily dented
  • Replacement charcoal filters can be difficult to find
  • An expensive option

The Joseph Intelligent Recycle Compost Bin can easily be moved from one place because it comes with wheels on its base and an integrated handle.

 7.     Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Compost Container  

8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide - Patricia Godwin

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The Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Compost Container is made from plastic. It is 15 inches X 13 inches X 17.5 inches.

This compost container is an all-in-one food composter. It can transform your food scraps into a good fertilizer while reducing your kitchen waste by as much as 90% of its original volume.

This composter can grind your food scraps to the last pulp. Its agitators will break down your food scraps into tiny particles while it completely heats, decomposes, and sterilizes the by-product (fertilizer).

It takes less than three hours for this composter to produce odor-free compost. Being odorless, it does not require draining or venting because it is equipped with a filter monitoring system.

It comes with a built-in monitoring system that will tell you when to replace the filter system.


  • Does not need draining or venting.
  • It is odorless
  • Equipped with a built-in filter monitoring system
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Environment friendly
  • Lightweight


  • It has some design flaws 

The Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Compost Container will automatically shut off once it is done processing your compost. You can then spread your top-quality fertilizer onto your garden.

8.     Exaco Compost Bin (AEROPLUS6000)

8 Best Compost Grinders: Buyer’s Guide - Patricia Godwin

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The Exaco Compost Bin (AEROPLUS6000) is 31 inches X 31 inches X 43 inches and has a 140-gallon capacity. This compost bin is compact and will fit into a small space. It processes food scraps in a hassle-free and quick manner.

This Exaco compost bin with multiple chambers works on a 3-phased system effortlessly mixing and aerating your compost twice via gravity.

Its walls are equipped with an aeration system that ensures controlled airflow. They also ensure maximum microbial action.

This compost bin comes with removable flaps that provide wind protection. It has a hinged lid with a rotating handle that keeps pets away from the bin. It also has a well-vented compost chamber.


  •  Equipped with a multi-chamber system
  • Keeps animals away
  • Dishwasher-safe


 Compost produced tends to be wet and chunky

 The Exaco Compost Bin (AEROPLUS6000) is dishwasher friendly. It is a complete package that shreds down and mixes your food scraps into fine fertilizer for your garden.

How Composting Grinders Work 

Composting grinders pulverize your food scraps, table scraps, and other food waste turning them into nutrient-rich food for your plants.

Pre-composting food waste into smaller scraps helps make the composting process faster because the food scraps will decompose faster.

The best composting grinders can help you produce high-quality compost for your plants with the least effort.

Certain composting grinders come in compact sizes that can easily sit on your kitchen counter. Others are larger and can sit in your yard.

Choose The Best Composting Grinder for You 

Choosing your composting grinder is a big decision. What should you look for when searching for the best composting grinders? There are some important features you need to investigate.


Size is one of the first things you need to deicide with your composting grinders. Composting grinders are available in small countertop models to bigger models for outdoor use.

To figure out the grinder size you need, consider how much area of soil and how often you plan to cover it with compost. This should give you a good idea of the grinder size you need.

Your goal is to find the right size of composting grinder that meets your needs.

It is important to take into consideration that it can take weeks to make compost. So, you want a grinder size that can help make enough compost for your area in one go.

Another deciding factor in choosing the size of your composting grinder is the available area you have for it.

If you have a small area to cover, a small size compost grinder will be ideal.

You do not need a big composting grinder that will take up too much space in your home but do not need the capacity of compost it can produce.


Make sure the materials the composting grinder you are looking to purchase is made of tough and durable materials.

This is especially important if you are planning on placing the grinder in your garden.

The frame of the best composting grinders should be made of powder-coated stainless steel or steel and the body of UV-coated durable plastic.

Stainless steel or steel is resistant to rust and corrosion so your grinder will have a longer lifespan.

Each part of the grinder that does a lot of moving or is used extensively, such as the hinges on doors and doors, should be made of durable and anti-eroding materials.

If you intend to place your composting grinder outdoors, make sure it is made of rust and corrosion-resistant materials.


Some of the best composting grinders are available as ready-to-use products. Others will need some assembling before you can use them.

The assembly process of these composting grinders is typically straightforward. If you are a handyman, you can opt for composting grinders that still need to be assembled.

In this case, check that all the tools and pieces needed are included in the package.  Check, too, if there are some more things you need to purchase to put it together.

If you are not a handyman or do not have the time to assemble your composting grinder, you can go for the pre-assembled units.


Aeration is important in composting because it is what helps break down food scraps. Some composting grinders, though, do not allow proper aeration, and others do not have at all.

The best composting grinders have enough air holes proportionate to the size of the grinder for ample airflow and ventilation.

Larger composting grinders include an aeration bar within their setup. This works well because it is more difficult for smells and bugs to get in and out of the unit.

Smaller composting grinders have screened areas on the end or sides of the unit that let air into the unit without the compost falling out.

Loading and Unloading

The door of the composting grinder can make loading and unloading compost easier or more difficult. The door of the grinder will also affect how long the loading and unloading process will take.

Large grinders will ideally have large doors making it easy to load large amounts of compost without any spillage

The height of the composting grinder is also critical. The unit should be tall enough for a bucket to be placed underneath to catch the compost.

The doors should also have a good locking system, so they do not easily open while in use and cause spillage.

Single or Dual Chambers

Some grinders come with a single chamber for composting. Others come with dual chambers that can allow you to simultaneously process two batches of compost.

Small composting grinders will typically have only one chamber. The larger grinders may come with dual chambers.

Dual chambers work in a way that while one side has completed the composting process, the other side is beginning the process.

You can separately empty both chambers because each comes with access and exit point allowing you to empty one chamber and refill the other.

Composting grinders with dual chambers are convenient if you have huge composting needs and a large garden to cover. A grinder with a single chamber should be fine if you have a small garden.


How your compost heap (food scraps used to create compost) rotates is crucial to the process and quality of decomposition. The compost heap should easily rotate to get good-quality compost.

Turning or rotating your compost inside the composting grinder allows the formation of air pockets with the compost. The air pockets provide oxygen to the microbes allowing them to live and function.

Healthy microbes in your compost break down the organic matter and produce healthy and nice compost that is rich in nutrients.

You need to turn your compost regularly. Not doing so otherwise, will cause some issues such as pile overheating, moisture build-up, compaction, or over depletion by microbes.

These issues will slow down the decomposition process of your pile which could cause the growth of molds, odors, and pests.

Normally, you will need to turn your compost manually (by hand) or use an aeration tool. The best composting grinders, however, come with a fluid-turning barrel that does the rotating of the compost.

Depending on the materials and sizes of your compost heap, you should turn it at least once a week.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a Compost Grinder Process Moldy Fruit?

Yes. A compost grinder can process moldy fruits, vegetables, and most food scraps. Most outdoor composting bins are specifically designed for moldy items.

Mold cells are a type of microorganism that is rich in nutrients. They help in the quick decomposition of your food scraps.

Can you Compost Orange Peels? 

Yes. The truth is that orange peels can help make your compost healthy and citrus peels can add more value to your compost. These food scraps are rich in nitrogen.

Orange peels and citrus peels, when decomposed, can help enrich the soil because they promote the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

Do all Compost Bins Separate Food Scraps and Plant Materials?

 No. Some compost bins, though, come with drawers or compartments to separately process scraps and plant items. These drawers or compartments are usually removable.

What Food Items Should You Not Include in A Compost?

Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, fats, and oil material should never be included in a compost. You should also never include charcoal ash, coal, and insect or diseased plants.

Those items, when decomposed, can quickly damage your soil. They can also harm the environment. Besides, they do not hold vitamins or minerals that can help your garden and plants.

The soil will also decompose this garbage, anyway, making it a total waste.

How Often Should Turn Compost?  

Frequently turning waste stuffs will allow it to quickly produce Compost. This is not ideal because it is important that you wait for the center of the material to slowly heat.

Then it will allow the proliferation of bacteria (about 4 to 5 weeks) and produce the microorganisms to enrich the soil.

You should, therefore, turn Compost every four to five weeks, too.

Can you Leave the Compost too Long?  

It is fine to leave the Compost too long provided you store it in a dry place so as not to degrade its quality.

If you leave it exposed to sunlight and rain, it will continue to decompose but lose its rich nutrients, so it will not be of any use to the soil. 

Final Thoughts on Composting Grinders

The best composting grinders can help you produce the best Compost to feed your plants – flowers, veggies and fruits.

It adds nutrients to the soil resulting in your garden having the best tasting veggies and fruits, and the best looking flowers.

The buying guide with information about the eight best composting grinders, will help you make an informed decision on which grinder to choose.

We trust you’ll choose well and wish you the healthiest, correctly composted, and finest looking garden in the neighborhood!

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