5 Best Potato Storage Containers: 2022 Buying Guide

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Potatoes are considered one of the staple foods in the western part of the world. Not only are they great for mashed potatoes and salad but they are also outstanding in a great many savory dishes. Whether you grow them by yourself or buy them straight from the market, it doesn’t matter, for our main concern here is where to store them.

Potato Storage Containers must help maintain the freshness and flavour of the potato, plus, they should have aeration holes to keep the potatoes fresh and not dried out, should be easily portable with a well fitting lid and easy on the eye.

Indeed, it‘s annoyingly challenging to find it difficult to choose a product out of thousands more available in the market for the humble spud!

There are so many options to choose from, that you find you can’t wrap your mind around a specific product. The same is valid for potato storage containers.

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Essentially, potato containers help maintain the freshness and taste of potatoes.

But not all containers are capable of doing so. Hence, what is the best potato storage to have?

To save yourself from the troubles of trial and error as well as some cash, this article has carefully selected the 5 best potato storage containers from thousands of products available in the market.

Stick around to know which container captures your interest or maybe matches the style in your pantry.

5 Best Potato Storage Containers for 2022

Note that these five potato storage containers are not ranked in this article because either one of them is a good deal.

They are meticulously selected for your convenience, and the only thing left to do is pick the one you like the most for storing your potatoes.

1.   Gdfjiy Potato, Onion, Kitchen Storage Canisters

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This container set comes in two kinds of storage; one for onions and one for potatoes. The brand of this container is ‘Gdfjiy,’ with a rustic metal design that comes in glossy black.

It has a wooden lid to balance its metal body, making this container look elegant and stylish.

Moreover, the ventilation holes of this container are located on the lower front side to promote proper aeration from bottom to top to keep the potatoes fresh all the time.

The ventilation system is essential in storage containers to discourage sprout growth that can disrupt the freshness of potatoes. 

Most importantly, this container is versatile as it offers sufficient space for your potatoes. Another thing about this container is that the size is perfect for countertops.

They can store enough potatoes without being too heavy as you move the container around the kitchen.

Not just that, this container can transform your countertop or pantry to look elegant because of its stylistic design.

The glossy black metal container with a wooden top is sure to be an eye-catcher in the kitchen.

If glossy black is not your color, fear not because this container also comes in gray and white variants. This is to maximize your options so that you won’t have other reasons for not buying this container.

The key takeaways for this container are:

  • Metal containers with proper ventilation
  • Stylistic storage container for potatoes and onions
  • Practical and convenient storage containers for potatoes and onions
  • Sufficient space for storing a good amount of potatoes
  • Capable of maintaining freshness.

2.   G.A HOMEFAVOR Vintage Potato Onion Kitchen Storage Canisters

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Storage Canisters Jars Pots Containers 2 Pack Sets, Potato, Onion Bin Caddy, With Aerating Tin Storage Holes & Metal Lids

This container raises the standard and durability because it has a metal body and is also coated in high-quality powder. However, it also increases the weight of this container which might be a deal-breaker for some.

Nevertheless, this container guarantees utmost protection for your potatoes.

The brand of this container is “G.a HOMEFAVOR, with a premium quality retro metal body that comes in shiny white.

They come in two sets; one for onions and one for potatoes.

With its durability, you can take this container for camping, so you still get those fresh potatoes while doing outdoor activities.

Moreover, the style of this container comes in a round shape with a metal lid and two holders at the sides for easy transfer.

The ventilation also comes at the lower side of the body to encourage airflow from bottom to top. This will keep the potatoes fresh for longer periods.

This container is slightly bigger than the previous one, making it a better option for someone who likes to store big batches of potatoes.

However, this will make the container heavy compared to the previous one, which causes a minor hassle to some people.

Nevertheless, if you need many potatoes to cater to your average home-cooked meals, then this container is for you.

The key takeaways for this container are:

  • Durable and premium quality
  • Simplistic design
  • High capacity storage containers for potatoes and onions
  • It can be taken outdoors

3.     Peaceful Classics Wooden Vegetable Storage with Lid

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If metal containers are not your type, you may be interested in this wooden container.

This container made by Peaceful Classics is multifunctional storage for potatoes, onions, and bread. Yes, you can get three storage sections in one container!

Having too many things scattered on your countertops can be a pain in the eye. This container will solve your countertops problem by organizing them in one storage.

The wood used in this container is from pine wood and then treated to resist decay and rot and ensure the container’s durability.

Moreover, the ventilation system of this container is creative because it is incorporated into the door itself.

The wire mesh design of the door creates an opening for the air to properly flow inside the storage keeping the potatoes and onions fresh.

The downside of this container is they are not portable compared to the previous two containers.

With the size and weight of this container, they need to stay still in one location in your pantry or kitchen. It may be a deal-breaker to some but this container is a great choice for someone who loves decorating a pantry or kitchen.

The craftsmanship and skills make this container stand out because the details from top to bottom are on point.

With this wooden container, your bread, potatoes, and onions will stay fresh and delicious longer than you imagine.

The key takeaways for this container are:

  • More storage in one container
  • Made up of wood
  • Multifunctional storage container
  • Crafted skillfully by wood experts
  • Big and heavy

4.     Xbopetda Kitchen Storage Canister

[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”0″ asin=”” apilink=”https://amzn.to/3wl8iJF” addtocart=”false” new-window=”true” nofollow=”true” alignment=”aligncenter”]Check Price and Reviews on Amazon[/amalinkspro]

Going back to metal containers, this one is closely similar to the first one in this segment but differs in shape.

Also, this container has a holder on the side for easy transfer—something that is lacking in the first container featured in this article.

Nevertheless, this does not make any one of them less than another for both containers are unique and functional.

This metal container comes in three colors; glossy black, ash gray, and elegant white. This container is manufactured by “Xbodetpa” that comes in the shape of a square with a wooden lid for contrast.

The metal is covered with high-quality powder which makes this container a combination of the first and second container in this segment.

Moreover, since this container has a holder on the side, you can easily carry the container from your pantry whenever you need potatoes.

The ventilation holes are also located on the lower part of the metal body to encourage good airflow.

With this in mind, this container can surely prevent potatoes from growing ugly sprouts thus keeping them healthy and tasty.

Most importantly, you can also take them outdoors—something that is very useful to someone who loves to go on outdoor adventures.

With this container, you can enjoy fresh potatoes even outside your homes.

The key takeaways of this container are:

  • Metal container covered in premium-quality powder
  • Portable and functional
  • Can be taken outdoors
  • Simple and stylish

5.     SAYZH 4 Tier Fruit Basket for Kitchen with Wood Top

[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”0″ asin=”” apilink=”https://amzn.to/3N40UII” addtocart=”false” new-window=”true” nofollow=”true” alignment=”aligncenter”]Check Price and Reviews on Amazon[/amalinkspro]

This container is the most unique among the rest of the containers featured in this article. That is because this type of container stores potatoes in an open environment unlike the previous enclosed typed containers.

This one has five separate storage stacks on top of one another. 

Manufactured by “SAYZH”, this container comes in two variants; collapsible and stackable.

The collapsible variant has a foldable side foundation that enables it to collapse without the potatoes and other vegetables whenever you want to move them around.

The stackable variant doesn’t have a collapsible side foundation but you can stack the individual storage levels according to your liking depending on the available space in your pantry or kitchen.

You can have a maximum of five storage levels with a treated wooden lid on top where you can place an appliance of your choice. Depending on which variant you want, this container can store not just potatoes but other fruits and vegetables as well. Hence, if you want storage that stores all your favorite products then this container is the best choice for you.

On top of that, this container has four wheels installed so you can move them easily around with ease. This container is also made out of quality materials to guarantee durability and sturdiness.

They designed it in a type of mesh so that the potatoes and other fruits and vegetables could still have air access.

The key takeaways for this container are:

  • Portable and durable
  • Has two functional variants
  • Adjustable and sturdy
  • Simple yet classic design

What Makes Good Storage Containers For Potatoes?

As you have noticed, all storage containers featured in this article have one thing in common which is proper ventilation.

The ventilation system in storage containers is vital to keep the air flowing that helps prevent moisture to accumulate inside.

Moisture is your greatest enemy when storing potatoes and a proper ventilation system can keep the enemy away.

What Are The Benefits Of Storing Potatoes In Storage Containers?

There are plenty of benefits if you store potatoes in storage containers. Some of these benefits include:

Can Keep Potatoes Fresh And Tasty

When potatoes are not stored properly, it will ruin the freshness and taste of potatoes and no one wants to cook a mashed potato or make a potato salad using bad potatoes.

Storing them in nice, well-ventilated storage containers can help retain their freshness and taste so you can have the best potatoes whenever you need them.

Prevents Potatoes From Growing Ugly Sprouts

Storing them in a container sets them away from moisture which is the main cause of sprouting. When potatoes sprout, it will affect the taste of your potatoes and you don’t want that to happen.

Prevents Potatoes From Getting Damages

The damage in potatoes can be a source of decay rendering the potatoes not edible. If you’re lucky, you can still save some parts of the potato by removing the decayed part and cooking the unscathed parts.

But most of the time, you won’t notice it until all parts of the potatoes have decayed.

Keep Them In A Dry And Secured Place

Storing potatoes in a container keeps them in a dry and secured place rather than scattered anywhere where they are susceptible to moisture.

Remember, preserve the potatoes dry to keep them fresh and tasty.

How To Store Potatoes Properly?

The first thing you need is storage containers for potatoes. Once you have it, you should keep the container with the potatoes inside in a cool and dry place.

A pantry is the best location to put your potato storage containers. However, if you don’t have a pantry, you can still put your storage containers anywhere in your kitchen.

However, make sure to keep them away from the sink or other areas where water is usually available. This is to prevent water splashes from entering the storage containers.

What Type Of Storage Container Should I Use?

It all depends on your lifestyle. If you are the type of person who loves to do outdoor activities quite often and cook food outdoors, then you’d better use a storage container that is portable and durable.

On the other hand, if you cook potatoes regularly for a big family, then you are better off using a container that is big enough to store a sufficient amount of potatoes equivalent to your average home cooking.

Thankfully, this article has provided all that options for you. All you have to do is make that decision to buy a storage container either online or from a physical store.

Final Thoughts on Potato Storage Containers

The storage containers featured in this article are carefully selected after doing a series of comparisons from thousands of available potato storage containers in the market.

Rest assured that all storage containers mentioned here are the best out there, so you won’t have to worry about your money.

We take these matters very seriously so that you can have the convenience of our research and knowledge and because we want everything of the best for you.

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