12 Flowers That Symbolize Strength

12 Flowers That Symbolize Strength

Flowers have long been used to signify various characteristics, including love, but they can also symbolise strength.

If you have a family member or close friend going through a rough patch or tough ordeal, giving them flowers representing strength is worth considering.

Here are 12 of the flowers that symbolize strength:

  • White Geranium
  • Gladiolus
  • Astrantia
  • Aquilegia
  • Poppy
  • Potentilla
  • Sunflower
  • Allium
  • Phacelia
  • Cistus
  • Valerian
  • Antirrhinum

A garden filled with a variety of flowers can be a sight to behold.

The vibrant colours and alluring scents make any outdoor space inviting while having a fresh bouquet inside your home can make it attractive.

Flowers can be heartwarming and encouraging if you’re looking for the ideal gift for a family member or someone special.

The 12 Flowers That Symbolize Strength

1.    White Geranium

White Geranium
White Geranium

One of the flowers that symbolise strength is the White Geranium.

It’s also known to uplift feelings of depression and anxiety.

This flower is the best gift option if you know someone who needs encouragement in their life right now.

Geraniums are low-maintenance plants and an ideal addition to any garden. Aside from white, which is the most popular variation, geraniums are available in an array of colours.

The plant thrives best in well-draining soil that holds moisture. In various climates, they’re resistant to drought and can tolerate any soil type.

2.       Gladiolus

Gladiolus Sword Lily
Gladiolus Sword Lily

The Gladiolus’ name derives from the Latin word “Gladius,” which means “sword,” because the flower’s leaves have an uncanny resemblance to swords and come in a variety of colors.

The flower also sports spikes of flowers and lends a name to the Roman gladiators who battled fiercely for their freedom.

In the past, gladiators wore the flower around their necks to give them courage while engaged in combat.

Gladiolus is a symbol of character strength, bravery, endurance, dignity, and moral integrity because of its Latin meaning and historical applications.

The gladiolus is native to sub-Saharan Africa, with over 300 species, while the remaining are found in scattered parts throughout Europe.

Gladiolus is also the ideal gift for different events in life.

Since the flower symbolises strong character, it’s the ideal gift for someone with doubts and those going through a hard ordeal in life, signalling to push through with their endeavours.

The flower is appropriate for a sympathy bouquet because it also represents death, assuring the bereaved that they have the strength to get over the death of a loved one.

3.       Astrantia 


Astrantia is a native of Asia and Europe, also known as star herb or Masterwort. Due to its star-like shape, the name comes from the Latin word “aster,” which means “star.”

The flower generally represents strength, endurance, and protection.

The flowers thrive well in shaded, moist mountain pastures and forests and come in an array of colours ranging from white, red, pink, and purple.

Astrantia may be a good addition to your garden or a gift for someone who needs to recognise their inner strength, passion, and courage.

The flower symbolises innocence, womanhood, grace, youth, and elegance. 

4.       Aquilegia

Aquilegia or Columbine Flowers
Aquilegia or Columbine Flowers

Aquilegia, or columbine, is a flower native to the regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The Latin word “Aquila,” which means “eagle,” is the source of the name.

It was the chosen name for the flower since it has five spurs strikingly resembling an eagle’s claw.

It’s considered a one-of-a-kind flower with spherical leaves and petals that grow directly from the base.

The flower best represents strength, happiness, and wisdom. However, the meaning may vary depending on the culture.

Aquilegia is a symbol of love because the Greeks connected it to the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Aquilegia mainly thrives in meadows, high mountains, woodlands, and grasslands. Due to this, it’s also associated with inner strength and motivation to attain our best selves.

A bouquet of aquilegia may be the best gift if you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who requires inspiration and motivation to tap into their inner power.

5.       Poppy

Poppies in Field
Poppies in Field

Over the years, the poppy has been a popular choice in flowerbeds and fields.

The history of poppy dates to 2700 BC, when it was cultivated in the Mediterranean Basin for its medicinal and recreational use, primarily as a mild sedative.

Poppy also played a role in ancient mythology. It was discovered in Egyptian tombs, and the Greeks believed it to be a source of strength, fertility, and good health.

The poppy is an annual or short-lived perennial plant, but due to its prolific self-seeding capability, it can live on from one season to the next.

The crepe-like blossoms appear fragile but can endure drought and grow in poor soil conditions.

Poppy symbolises strength, honour, and loyalty.

Giving poppies as a gift is a great way to tell a person you care or are thinking about them. The flower also gives strength to those who have lost loved ones.

6.       Potentilla

Bush Cinquefoil or Potentilla fruticosa pink flowers in garden
Bush Cinquefoil or Potentilla fruticosa pink flowers in garden

Potentilla is a hardy plant native to the northern regions of the United States, Asia, Canada, and Europe.

The flower is available in various colours ranging from yellow, white, pink, orange, and red. The flower is well-known for its cup or star-shaped flowers and thrives well with minimal care.

Potentillas derived their name from the Latin word ‘poten,’ meaning powerful, which is why the flowers symbolise strength and power.

As a hardy plant, potentilla can endure harsh weather conditions such as heat, drought, salty air, and dry weather.

Its sturdiness and resilience make the flower a survivor since it requires minimal care.

Due to its name and medicinal uses, potentilla has long been associated with inner character strength, health, endurance, power, and well-being.

The flower symbolizes womanhood, loyalty, and maternal love in other colours.

7.       Sunflowers


Sunflowers are a favourite due to their cheery and vibrant energy. They symbolise strength but also happiness, love, and pure thoughts.

A sunflower can be given alone or as part of a bouquet to make someone’s day better.

The flower also represents optimism and the desire to be strong. Additionally, sunflowers are resilient since they can grow almost anywhere.

Sunflowers are annual plants with recognisable bright yellow petals radiating from brown centres that eventually ripen into a head filled with seeds.

The plant is durable and can reach a towering height, with some varieties reaching up to 14 feet.

There are also smaller varieties, growing up to a foot tall, which can readily fit in pots or small gardens.

Sunflowers can brighten up one’s day. You can use them to prepare a gorgeous bouquet with other flowers you love.

8.       Allium

Allium 'Purple Sensation' in flower
Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ in flower

The allium is an ornamental and edible flower stemming from the onion family.

In Latin, allium means “garlic,” but it is also known by the names goliath, gladiator, and the Globemaster in common usage.

The flower is indigenous to the northern hemisphere and comes in a variety of hues, including white, yellow, purple, blue, and pink.

In ancient Egypt, allium was regarded as the symbol of the universe due to its spherical bulb-like shape. In other parts of the globe, the flower drove away bad luck.

When it comes to the generic meaning of allium, it’s all about strength, patience, prosperity, and unity.

If you’re planning to give flowers as a gift, allium may be the ideal choice for someone who needs positive reinforcement, especially those going through a rough patch in life.

Since the flowers grow from a single bulb, it’s a good way to show strength in unity, making it a good choice when celebrating friendships, couples, and family events.

9.       Phacelia


If you’re looking for a versatile flower, phacelia is the right fit. The flower is native to North and South America and is known as lacy phacelia or scorpion weed.

The flower got the name scorpion weed due to its distinctive clusters with a twirly shape, like a scorpion’s tail. As for the name lacy phacelia, it’s due to its natural beauty.

Phacelia can thrive in tough soil conditions as long as there’s good drainage. It can also endure harsh weather conditions such as drought and excessive heat.

Despite the tough growing conditions, the plant produces striking blue and purplish blooms. Due to this capability, phacelia is associated with strength, endurance, and determination.

The flowers form clusters or little groups, making them an ideal addition to your garden. A flower bed of phacelia will add volume and a touch of colour to your yard.

10.     Cistus

Cistus ladanifer or labdanum or gum rockrose
Cistus ladanifer or labdanum or gum rockrose

Cistus mainly thrives in the Mediterranean regions, making it highly resistant to heat and other dry conditions.

The flower is also known as a “rock rose” because it can grow in rocky, arid terrain.

These properties make cistus a low-maintenance flower capable of thriving without requiring regular watering.

This plant symbolises strength, endurance, and the capability to grow into your best self regardless of the environment.

You can grow cistus in your garden for the lovely touch of colour it imparts or give it as a gift, serving as a message of strength and inspiration.

11.     Valerian

Fresh Valeriana officinalis flowers in wooden mortar.
Fresh Valeriana officinalis flowers in wooden mortar.

As a clumping perennial and medicinal plant, valerian or valeriana has been grown in various regions worldwide, including Europe, North America, and Asia.

There are around 200 species, mostly cultivated for medicinal purposes to manage various conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, stress, headaches, muscle pain, and epilepsy, to name a few.

Valeriana originates from the Latin word ‘Valere,’ which stands for strong and healthy. Due to this, the flower has long been associated with strength and good health.

The flower mainly represents physical strength and mental strength in overcoming health-related issues.

The plant is a good addition to any garden since you can choose vibrant colours such as pink, white, or lavender.

As a gift, it’s the ideal choice for a person who needs encouragement to face a challenging health issue.

12.     Antirrhinum


Antirrhinum is a flower native to North America, Africa, and Europe. Antirrhinum means “nose-like” in Greek, but the flower is more commonly known as snapdragon.

The plant was named snapdragon because its petals resemble a dragon opening and closing its mouth. In another description, the reason is that the petals appear as a crammed dragon’s head.

It’s a hardy plant capable of thriving in stony, dry terrain.

The flower symbolises strength because it represents the capacity to overcome challenges and become one’s best self.

Antirrhinum is the ideal gift for a person who needs motivation, especially during tough times.

The tall and vibrant flower truly stands out despite tough growing conditions. This distinct feature makes it the ideal symbol of admiration and respect.

A bouquet of snapdragons will make the perfect gift if you admire and respect a person, such as a parent or a mentor.

Final Thoughts On 12 Flowers That Symbolise Strength

For centuries and up until today, flowers symbolise several things, including love, endurance, prosperity, and strength.

Whether you see flowers as an uplifting gift during special events or as an aesthetic addition to your garden, there’s always a special flowerOpens in a new tab. for the right occasion.

Now that you’re familiar with the different flowers representing strength, you can give a single cutting or a bouquet to uplift someone’s spirit during tough times.

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